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I left about six months ago as I was going to join MPGS. It was a decision between me and the then wife as we wanted a better family life etc etc. In a nutshell it's all gone wrong with the missus as we separated and to be honest am not sure that MPGS will be right for me now am a singly. Plus I still haven't had a definate start date from MPGS and the whole process has been a total nightmare! I want to rejoin to be honest now as am stuck in civvy street waiting for the army to sort me out whenever they do, and like I said, I don't really see the point in doing that anymore. Does anyone know what the process would be, time scale etc for re joining?


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If you are still serving & wish to transfer, by far the best way to do this is whilst still serving as you keep earning a wage & should you fail an element of selection you do not lose your job.

If you've had to leave to transfer: To process your application you must first provide all of the listed documentation (below), the onus is on you to provide them at your earliest opportunity. If you've lost your service documentation, then it's going to delay your application by up to 3 months whilst you apply under the Data Protection Act to obtain a copy of ALL your former service records.

In order to be processed, you need:

1. Discharge Certificate (Army Red Book)

2. Last RORRS Report (RN/RM only). This must indicate whether you are recommended further service.(If the report states you are not recommended for further service then we can not process your application, if it says after "x" months, you must wait for that time to elapse before you may re-apply)

3. Your last pay statement (This ensures you get paid for your service seniority were applicable- Yes, your former service may count towards your pension).

4. Passport (You must have a valid one as a condition of entry into the service). Noi passport, no join.

5. NHS Number

6. NI Number

7. Birth Certificate

8. Last 3 service reports (RAF & Army)

When you provide above listed documentation, you should complete a new application form, sign the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act & you MUST sign your consent for the release of:

a) Your former service records.

b) Your former medical records.

The AFCO can not process your application without first taking copies of the above documentation.

The AFCO will then apply for your former records. (Typically this takes about 3-4 weeks for former RN/RM & RAF applicants, former ARMY applicants is approx 10-12 weeks). On receipt the AFCO will then apply for permission to process your application- this takes a further 3-4 weeks & is granted by your future Branch Manager. Providing you are considered a viable candidate for re-entry, the AFCO can then proceed with your application. If you left with a poor Army, RAF or RN service record, your application will most lkely be turned down by the Branch Manager.

If you were rejoining as a Trained rating- ie qualified already in the job you are re-joining, you have to be interviewed, pass medical, PJFT & have your Security Clearance renewed before the AFCO can apply for permission for you to re-enter service. Your Branch Manager will advise what additional training you must undergo upon re-joining, subject to when you left the service.

Your Royal Navy Recruiting Test (RT) has to have been passed within the last three years, and have scored high enough for the trade you wish to join. ALL former RAF & ARMY candidates, together with RN/RM applicants who have underscored or are out of date will be required to sit the RT. If you score high enough, you will be interviewed & if found suitable you will be medically examined & if you are passed fit for service you will undergo the pre-joining fitness test. In addition, all medical staff will need to be CRB checked also. (Any civil offences involving dishonesty are a bar to entry for Medical or Logistics).

If you pass all of that the AFCO will then re-apply for security clearance, which takes about 6-8 weeks. After being granted security clearance the AFCO then apply for permission for you to re-enter the service.

You should be aware that the waiting time to enter the service can vary from month to month and is subject to variance because of the limited amount of training places available and the number of applicants at any given time.

There are several things you should also take in to consideration when re-joining the Service, but two major considerations are as follows:

1. You may be required to undergo phase one training at HMS Raleigh if you are a former RN/RAF/ARMY applicant or did not complete phase one training to an adequate standard previously, or depending on the Branch Manager & your former service records, if you have been out of the Royal Navy over 18 months & wish to change trades. Your future Branch Manager will decide under which circumstances you may re-join, it is not negotiable.

2. You will re-join the service on the AFPS 05 pension scheme regardless of which scheme you left on - this is significantly different to the earlier AFPS 75 scheme and you would be strongly advised to investigate further how this will affect you.

The thing to remember is that re-entry is by no means guaranteed & your former records of RN & RAF service is a key factor in your being permitted to re-enter. If you submitted PVR from the RN previously, that option is no longer available to you & you will be required to complete phase two training, complete 2.5 years return of service, before you may submit 12 months notice to leave.

Or... join the Aussie Navy if you want to be nostalgic. :wink:

Good luck.
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