Hello all.. having recently 'pvr'd' from phase 2 because i was not happy with my chosen branch (WS) and wanted to change but could not as there were no branch transfer options available and was left with no other choice (really gutted), i am defiently wanted to rejoin as soon as poss (told min wait 3 months) i am wanting to join as CIS, i was just wondering whether this could affect me re-joining having PVR'd, and maybe down the line for promotion. Any information advice etc welcome.



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Assuming there were no caveats attached before an application maybe made to re-enter (anything from immediate to 12 months, 24 months or never), assuming you scored high enough for CIS, the current wait to join is about 20 months or 16 for submainers.

Those who have previously submitted PVR have no opt out ability upon rejoining, may need to undergo phase one again & can expect to serve a minimum of around 4.5 years upon re-entry, if accepted.

Good luck.
Thanks for the replys, there were no other attachments suppose i would have to do raleigh again then the waiting times are so long but i think its defiently worth the wait.

I am currently doing a gym instructors course only level 2 but its enough for me to work in a gym and if i have this i have been told i can be offered a place at a gym, it'll be okay in the mean time i suppose.

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