Hello Guys!!

Been in civvie street for almost 8 years and I am joining back up!! I've had my process papers back from the AFCO and yaaaaay I don't have to do Phase 1 again!! So straight to Phase 2 for me!!

I just have a few questions about the process if someone can enlighten me?

1. how do I get my kit?
2. Will I start on the same pay I left?
3. Where do they train Logistics now? It was in Raleigh when I left but I've heard a little dit it might have moved?


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You get your kit when you front up at Raleigh, no idea about pay, loggie school is still at Raleigh until next year when it moves to Worthy Down, some courses are running from there already I think.


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2. Will I start on the same pay I left?

I’ve no special insight but it would be reasonable to assume that if you are returning in at least the rate you left - with seniority intact - then your pay will be the same or better.

But as you are going to ‘phase 2’ maybe you are re-starting from just above scratch. Maybe that’s where you left from.


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As stated above, the Approval to Process letter sent to your AFCO will determine the terms under which you may rejoin, the rate of pay (bearing in mind you have more than 5 years break in service and are joining untrained in a new branch), the lengrh of contract (usually 12 years minus time already served for AB). There's no point haggling your rate of pay after joining as you will be given a copy of the letter, so if not happy with what's offered, negotiate before joining or walk away (as suggested above). You'll rejoin on AFPS 2015, your previous accrued pension (4/22nds of full pension will be preserved, not added to the new scheme). You should talk to a pension expert about your final pension because you possibly may not necessarily reach the maximum accrued pension under the new scheme due to former service and age upon re-entry, so do your homework. Your AFCO are not pension experts, get it in writing off someone who is.

If changing branches, you'll resit the recruit test, selection interview, full medical , PJFT, then gain full SC prior to entry.

Most part-trained re-entrants rejoin Raleigh for the first Wednesday of the month, sign-on, undergo preliminary service med checks, innoculations, fang farrier, RNFT, RNST, weapons trainers ng/testing, respirator fitting & testing, harry weekenders, then into phase two.

A word to the wise; those rejoining join in a suit, shirt, tie &-shoes or female equivalent. Those joining in anything less get sent home.

Good luck. My tip is to remember why you left after four years then ask yourself whether you realistically think any of those things will be any different several years later, to avoid disappointment.