Re-joining within a year of leaving

Evening all, was thinking about rejoining the RN and only left september last year........ anyone know anything about the process i.e. will i redo basic etc. Any info appreciated.
they put me on t boat smq after me applying for v boats for 4 years. once i was taken off course i was pmu all subs then left in the arse end of fas we no chance o getting a ship. ......before u sayit i know sympathy is between shit & syphilous in ur dictionary haha
cheers for that mate, me old killik used to say you'll never make it in this mans RN unless you're prepared to take the piss out of yourself as well as others :p
As a former SMQ instructor,I can say in my time,2005-2008 at SMQ,we only sent one back to GS that did not make the grade as a submariner,I can't help but think there is more to this than PMU for boats? Over to you OP
i left by putting my own chit in,iwasn't binned. they wouldn't let me try v boat smq after tho, ihad to remain gs, should've fought against it like
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As an ex Phase 2 S/M DO, I'm a tad confused about how you were made PMU for boats. You say were put T boat SMQ after asking for V boats and then left in Faslavatory with no chance of getting a ship? If you were T boat SMQ, what were you doing in Faslane? and why was there no chance of getting a surface draft. I'm taking it that you failed the T boat SMQ, but that wouldn't make you PMU.
I was at Raleigh Barney (2003 - 2007) in Mackenzie Squadron, so worked with SMQ(S) and (N). You used to send your bad boys back for us to DUDT (not that I'm bitter about all the paperwork we had to do ;) )
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