Re-Joining The RN after 7 Years Out


Hi All,

I have a couple of questions and hope there maybe others who have been in the same position who might offer some insight.

I am 41 years old and left the RN in 2011 having served 11 years. At the point of leaving I was an LET (WE) on PO ET course.

I have been self employed since leaving but miss the hands on nature of working in the mob.

I originally just asked in passing if rejoining was a possibility thinking it would be a no because of my age. But, to my suprise they said yes. I handed in all docs and records today and have to wait for an offer of employment.

They did say there was a possibility that I would have to go and do Phase 1 all over again as I have been out over 6 years. While I'm not worried about doing it as im still physically fit. But I'm interested it finding out the likelyhood of them making me haul my old arse over Dartmoor, learning how to tie a bowline, and learn marching with new joiners 25 years my junior. Some things you never forget.

I'm wondering if there are others who have rejoined who can give some insight as to what they had to do upon rejoining.

The other question is, if passing phase 1 or whatever I have to do. Do we start over from AB or is there a possibility I could regain my rate in a relatively short time. Again, I'm not concerned about it, it's being back in the RN that matters to me.

I hope some might be able to offer some insights and I will keep this thread updated when I found out exactly what I have to do as it may help others in the same situation.



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Phase 2 has massively changed (as has ET (WE) training), so I am not sure if you would have to do your trade training again.
IF you do, you will be classed as prior service and will not have to march around with the PH 2's and will have a separate night leave policy.

Good luck.


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From the good book (my bold)

a. Trained Re-Entrant. Definition: A fully trained and qualified Junior or Senior Rating who applies to return to the Royal Navy in the same branch/specialisation from which they exited. Manning approval will be sought in all cases from relevant Branch Managers, and for those whose date of re-entry is more than 3 years of leaving the Service, training requirements will also need to be determined. Thereafter, movements are controlled by Assignment Order, in liaison with the appropriate Lead School. Trained re-entrants join HMS RALEIGH for administrative purposes only. Trained Re-entries have no right to Premature Voluntary Release.

b. HMS Raleigh aims to process candidates as quickly as possible. On completion of documentation and kit issue, candidates will be given a PSO interview and training assessment. On completion, they will be assigned to Phase 2 training or, in the case of fully trained personnel, immediately onto the trained strength. In the normal course of events, re-entries will be processed and onward moved within the first week of joining. However, those who left the Service prior to 1991 will require a Military Training package and onward assignment will therefore be delayed until the end of the second week.

Once an entry date has been allocated, candidates should be advised to contact their relevant Careers Manager for assignment advice. Candidates can also be advised that they may make an application for a Married Quarter. Careers Staff should advise individuals to write to the relevant area Married Quarter’s Officer.


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Branch manager's call.

Once approval to process is granted, the letter will detail TCOS, trained required, rate upon re-entry and rate of pay.

Generally, I'd expect you to join Raleigh on a Weds, RNFT, RNST, kit issue, joining admin, respirator & weapons acquaint/tests, Harry Weekenders, join Collingrad, technical assessment for any updates/refresher training, then sea draft straight after.

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