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Firstly I hope I've posted in the right place. I've decided that I'd like to re join the RN after 9 months of being outside. What I had planned on doing has not bore any fruit and to be honest I want to get back in. I want to go in as an AET as apposed to my previous trade and was wondering if the wiser on here could cast some light onto what the rejoining process would be bearing in mind I want to rejoin to a different trade. Any info would be very much welcomed. Thanks in advance.


Cheers, trip inbound but obviously bank holiday weekend so they haven't got back to me to book me in yet. Just looking for a heads up from the chiefs on here
Having rejoined myself I only know the process I went through. Although I was outside almost 7 years after almost 7 years service.

As I wasn't changing branches, I've rejoined in a branch that was sort of what I used to be in, it was a far simpler process. However from what I gather if you plan to change branches you will have to sit the RT tests once more to make sure you are eligable to go in to the branch you wish.

I didn't have to do the RT test, I applied to rejoin in October when I shut my business down, January 4th I had my permission to proceed, did my medical, got my security clearance come through, did my rejoinining interview in Feb and then did my fitness test the same morning. I got my date two weeks before going back in on 17th March.

As you are changing branches it may not be as simple as that nor as quick.

I joined Raleigh on the Wednesday 17th then after going through the routine of paperwork, drawing kit etc I went then to my next draft after two days. How much retraining will depend on your circumstances with changing branch.

Speak to you AFCO as soon as possible.


Thanks Tommo, I did 7 years myself and as above I've been out about 9 months. I was under the impression that I would have to re sit the RT test as the AE branch have a high grade then the branch I was in. The RT test is the main thing am curious about and I understand that I could get back in quicker returning to branch but thats really not a move I want to do. Redruth eh, just down the road :)
It would be a little quicker to return to your old branch or the equivalant. You will more than likely will wait a little longer due to going in to join when a Phase 2 course is on, also depending on security check it may drag out the rejoining process.

I didn't hang around though. The only thing that slowed down my process (although 5 months was bloody quick) was the stuff out of the AFCO hands.

Permission to proceed can take up to about 6 months


It can't be any slower then MPGS! I have recently had a medical so that shouldn't be a probelm. I read somewhere on here that security clearance lasts for a year after discharge? Would I need to do this do you think on this possibility. I 've been out for only nine months but then I guess they would want to check all the same.
Exeter here :)

Quiet office at the moment for navy it seems as whenever iv been in there the navy guys are drinking tea and looking bored as hell. maybe be able to get my appointment soonish for applying when i ask em tomorrow
I couldn't tell you to be honest. By time you get round to everything it may be time to have another one done. As you been outside, they may want to check your finincial situation more so

MPGS have stopped recruiting at the moment from what the lads have told me who I am on the main gate with.


Yes am well aware of the MPGS recruitment ban. I've been waiting on that little un for over 16 months because of the ban. Things are not looking to bright for them guys with looming defence cuts and so I reckon it's time to knock waiting on that one on the head, hence wanting to join back up.
Not quite. i originally planned to join Navy but the Army Recruiters at exeter were in when Navy wasnt and since id just lost my job and was desperate they pounced and convinced me itd be a fast trip from there to the ATR. Silly sod me agreed and 6 months later i regret it big time and im still in the army app system. So tomorrow im saying Thanks but No Thanks to my army recruiter and reapplying for the Navy. Just gotta do the thing i want to do most as if im gonna dedicate the biggest chunk of my life to a career it has to be the one i truly want and will enjoy most.

Going for Warfare Specialist Tactical (SM)

Wanted to enlist in Navy since i was a kid and i hear Submariners are in demand to so alls good


The navy is the way foward mate for sure. I did seven years, loved the navy, just didn't like my branch. I left to do MPGS but thats been a waste of time so far. So I want back in. Good luck with it mate
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