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Okay so I'm hoping you knowledgable lot on here can help. Asking on behalf of my other half ... he left the navy in 2010, he has now re-applied and passed RT and had his request for service back all fine, they said he doesn't need to do Phase1 again and will go straight to Ph2 as he is changing branch. Fitness test and interview will be soon. My question is .. just after he applied he searched his credit file and there is a CCJ on there. He knew nothing about it, had no letters or anything.He called up the careers office and told them straight away, he also set up a payment plan for it as we couldn't afford to pay the whole thing at once (its around £1500). The careers officer told him not to worry and they would assess everything on an individual basis. Right now we are saving so we can get it paid off asap, then apply to get it "satisfied". Will this be okaying terms of his application and the checks they do? Thanks


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I recently went to through the rejoining process with a couple of defaulted debts. At my security interview I was told that as I had declared them, I had explained the reasons and they were under £5k ( less than half that in my case) it wasn't a problem. The most important thing is to be completely transparent and honest about stuff like this, if he is paying the debt I am virtually certain from all the advice that I have had, including speaking to the interviewing security officer, that it won't be a problem.
He will fill out a financial questionnaire as part of the security vetting process, he should include all the details there.
Good luck.


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Unresolved CCJs will prevent SC being granted but if they are addressed or in the process of being addressed and the creditor will issue a letter of satisfaction to indicate they are content the debt is being addressed satisfactorily, it's usually OK.

As the debt is now being repaid, presumably must've known about the unpaid debt but perhaps moved house before receiving the CCJ notification.

The advice, as correctly indicated above, when submitting the online SC application is to be 100% honest and upfront.

best o'luck.


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It's not necessarily the case that you would know about the debt. Some years ago I moved house, after some months someone dropped off a load of what they thought was junk mail that had been delivered to the old address. Going through it I found a summons to the County Court for not paying my water bill, also in the same mail was a CCJ against me for the non payment. I rang the court and complained that I hadn't been served with the summons, unlike criminal summons I found out that sending them to the last known address is counted as served. On the day that mine went through the Court had pushed out the best part of a thousand findings of guilt for non payment of water rates. Long story short I didn't owe the money and had done everything required of me, including informing the water company of my new address, some two and a half miles away and still in their area. I got a letter of apology and a small amount of compensation for my trouble. I suspect that if I had taken it back to court I would have done a lot better but couldn't be arsed with the hassle.


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agree with above, as civy going through to renew my SC for X Company work, I declared all my issue on SC form, I received a phone call from MoD Security, for a discussion. I explained what was being done to sort out my mess. He was happy that I was in an agreed payment plan and would check on me a year later, which he did, all was sorted and OK.
He said on the phone the issues lie with not being open and honest, trying to hide your issues (they will find out) and living in denial that its not your problem.
Good luck with your new joint venture.

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