Re-joining after 4 years


Hi, I’m in the process of re-joining as an MA.
I left to be a family man - didn’t work out. Missed the RN ever since.
Anyway - any advice on what the process of an MA re-joining after that length of break - I believe I would have to go to Raleigh for a week or longer? I don’t know
Would I then go to a MA training establishment to get back in date with all quals?
or be instantly drafted somewhere?


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How long did you serve for. You may well have to do phase 1 again. It will be down to the branch manager as to your path on re-entry.


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The info here - - should help.

I think you qualify as a 'Trained Re-Entrant', but then it's not my call so don't take my word for it.

a. Trained Re-Entrant. Definition: A fully trained and qualified Junior or Senior Rating who applies to return to the Royal Navy in the same branch/specialisation from which they exited. Manning approval will be sought in all cases from relevant Branch Managers, and for those whose date of re-entry is more than 3 years of leaving the Service, training requirements will also need to be determined. Thereafter, movements are controlled by Assignment Order, in liaison with the appropriate Lead School. Trained re-entrants join HMS RALEIGH for administrative purposes only. Trained Re-entries have no right to Premature Voluntary Release.