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Hi folks,

I've been scouring the forums for a few weeks now and after passing my NSRT yesterday I've decided to join. Forgive me as I know this has been asked 1000 times. I've searched and read through alot of posts about this but I've still not found a definitive answer.

I left the Army in 2005 after serving in Belfast and Basra. My discharge code is 9.414 SNLR and I'm fully aware of how bad this looks, especially for trying to rejoin. I must stress though, this wasn't CDT failure and my records will obviously show that. I believe its due to ill-discipline as I was diffy for a period of time but I never served any jail time etc. The guys at my AFCO have been very good, but obviously it's not up to them whether I get the go ahead or not, but I remain hopeful as I'm now 33 and looking for a career change. I'm trying to keep my feet on the ground but I'm getting excited about it as I actually passed with a high enough score to be eligible for my chosen role of Air Engineering Technician. I'm quite amazed that I managed to do that!

So, my question is, has anyone on this forum successfully re-entered with a 9.414 SNLR?

Thanks in advance, and I look forward to reading your replies.



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Good morning Craig,
I am out for the day doing AT with the Phase 2 trainees, but when I get back in I will have a look through the books and see.

That said, have you chatted through your concerns with your AFCO after your RT results for some advice? My angle would be to say that you are a reformed character and older and wiser. Naturally there are some discharges that preclude joining the NS and someone wiser than me in that respect might be along to answer.

I will say, I have had some recent trainees that have 'been a bit of a d*ck' in their prior service. The cold wind blowing on the outside has allowed them to have a moment of pause to reflect on their behaviour and are now in the fleet. They weren't the first and I am sure they wont be the last.

I don't want to get your hopes up, naturally you should refer to the AFCO for all recruiting advice. I can only tell you about first hand accounts of people I have dealt with.




Thanks for your reply. Yes I had a chat with them afterwards, they where very helpful, I basically just need to wait it out for now. I personally don't think I stand a very good chance but I'll just have to wait and see.

It would just be nice to know if anyone had managed to rejoin with the same discharge reason.


Hi folks,

I'd just like to update this for the benefit of anyone who's in a similar position to myself. My Service record came back rather quick. (Just over 1 week) and I've been asked to write a letter explaining my version of events as to why I was discharged which I've just completed and sent back.

Fingers crossed!


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@craigy good luck, when you get to Raleigh, forget everything you were ever tought re marching, the navy have their own version of marching.


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The Navy do not march, we amble in unison, we do not stamp our feet, that makes too much noise, after all we are the Silent Service :)


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And we say yes sir in a quiet way, not shout "SAH" when a grunter deigns to speak to the lesser mortals.

After the initial Sir bit we tend to ignore them.
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