Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by WhatTheDeuce, May 20, 2012.

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  1. What is the success of a Re-Join. I left in phase 2 due to not being able enough to complete the course, now i would like to re-join in a different role. I am going to local AFCO tomorrow to send of papers and hopefully they will let me re-join.

    I succeeded in all test and passed with flying colors! so there isn't any reason why they would not take me back.

    Thanks guys.
  2. Why don't you wait until you've been to the AFCO before asking on here?
  3. Just thought what you guys would know or think. no harm in finding out is there?
  4. Your chance is as good as the next person, the fact you completed Phase 1 may help in your favour. What else could anyone say on here?
  5. WTD

    When you go to the AFCO, take along any paperwork you were given when you left.

    Bear in mind that there are substantial waits to join now, so if you are allowed to re-join, it may be some time before you do.

    What did you apply to do before and what would you like to do this time?
  6. Yes, i have the papers i received once i left the RN which i will take. I applied for the role of Warfare Specialist and now have decided i would like to become a Steward - A new challenge for me.
  7. That's not much of a challenge.
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  8. Okay, what role would be a challenge to you? or are you good at everything?
  9. If you find fluffing pillows and serving soup at dinner a challenge ... you go for it my son!

    Someones got to do it!
  10. Whats a stewards official job title, I assume its, ........... specialist
  11. I believe it's some kind of Logistician. "Catering services logistician - steward" I think
  12. Ye, so what? Still get payed. Still get to travel the world. Still get qualifications. So whats the problem? at the end of the day you all can slate me on what i choose to do, i don't give two ships what you think. I'm joining to make a career out of my life. to support my famliy, to have a living. someone's got to do it.
  13. Best of luck, lad, but you had one bite of the cherry, another bite opens you up to all sorts of comments. You get a week out to sea and look round at what the warfare chaps are doing and equate it to your job, not much difference, but for fecks sake don't walk into the wardroom and say "Hands up who wants soup." We all have a story about that one. Now when I was in the navy..................... :)
  14. WTD

    Just as a matter of interest, what prompted you to choose Steward on this occasion?
  15. Having a interest in hospitality, i thought this would be the perfect role.
  16. Did Chef not appeal to you?
  17. Just about....
  18. It did spring to mind but I can see me being more of a steward.
  19. I'm sure I heard somewhere that a SR Std gets more proper civvy qualifications from his career courses than any other branch in the RN.

    Not my cup of tea at all but once they get their hooks Stds have a pretty easy life.
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  20. That is correct sir! to which it's not a popular role for many Royal Navy joiners, so the waiting list could be a short one!

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