Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by daffy1, Apr 2, 2009.

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  1. Need a bit of advice, i did 8 years in the marines, and had a long term contract lined up for telecoms work in the middle east, so used my reseattlement on doing a telecoms course, but due to the credit crisis it all went pete tong and down hill and struggling to find work. And now i am thinking of re-joining the navy as i can carry on with this sort of trade. I have only been out a few months so i still have my security clearence, and they still have my medical records as i have not been able to get a GP or dentist yet. I left on the old pension scheme. I understand that i will have to basic, (no probs) but would i have to start on the basic pay again ? (if so no probs) , or would it continue from where i left of , also what about my pension, would that continue from where i left of. Would 4.5 years be the min service ? And is there a min time limit which i could join again?

    Any help would be welcomed
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    As a trained Marine, I'd suggest you give consideration to rejoining the Corps then trying to specialise as a Comms Tech, however could fully understand if you've had enough operational deployments to last a lifetime already.

    As long as you can provide some recent pay-statements, you should be awarded your seniority on completion of RN phase one - assuming the branch manager gives the nod. If you join the RN, you will have to serve around 4- 4.5 years depending on the trade. If you rejoin the Corps, you will be able to submit 12 months notice the day you sign-on unless you take-up an SQ or TQ that has a return of service attached. Another alternative is perhaps look at joining the RMR - keeping your civilian job options available.

    Your previous pension would be preserved & you would start afresh on the AFPS 05 pension, regardless of your previous accrued pension.

    Best bet is give your AFCO a call- link below.

    Good luck.
  3. OK thanks for the advice, one of the reasons why i why i want the navy as oppse to the marines is the operations and the stability as well. Anyway i dont have copies of paystatments or Rorrs so am i right to assume that the process will just take longer to do, but i do have everything else. When you mean start fresh for the pension , do you mean starting from scratch ? or continue from where i left of?
  4. Also the most important question will i be able to keep the green lid, i have done some research in to this and found that i wont be able to wear it during basic training which is understandable but after basic, also is it important that i have to do a passing out parade as this could be my second one, sounds silly i know but as a re-join i really cant be arsed with the drill all over again.
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    If you don't have copies of pay statements, you start on the New Entry rate of pay unfortunately. If you do not have a copy of yours last RORRS recommending you for further service, it may possibly take a little longer to process your application.

    Your pension starts from scratch on the AFPS 05 pension scheme, as in the very begining with zero contributions. Your previous pension (AFPS 75, unless you changed over) remains in stasis until reach pensionable age & you will receive 8/37ths of the full pension, assuming you have served 8 contributary years on the AFPS sceme - you cannot make further contributions to it. The completely separate AFPS 05 scheme pays out from age 65 (ish).

    You may wear you green beret, with an RN fouled anchor beret badge, rather than Globe & Laurel if you join the Navy- but only when it is appropriate to wear berets rather than caps & not when in phase one training. Matelots don't tend to wear berets indoors unless they are reporting evening rounds, incidentally.

    On an RN passing out parade (which isn't optional) it is not appropriate to wear berets & once you have gone through the gruelling 9 weeks RN training you are entitled to wear the coveted blue beret after passing out. In fact you wear it from day one of Phase One RN training, come to think of it - after all, it's a fair walk to to uniform clothing store & you are deemed to have earned it.
  6. So i left at 23k and rejoin on 16k and work my way up again lol oh no
  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    You could try writing to the Data Protection Cell & requesting a copy of your former service pay records, however it'll make the application process considerably longer, albeit a wisely invested purchase of a postage stamp- your AFCO can give you details if you subsequently decide to become a 'roughy-toughy' matelot. :lol:
  8. I'd do it if it was me. You'd be paid far more than the others in phase one. Why not I'd say!
  9. Daffy

    Try ringing the JPA people (pay 'n stuff) in Glasgow on:

    0800 085 3600

    They might be able to help you with the pay statements.
  10. I was thinking bout giving those guys a ring, i still have a few other things before i consider to re-join again, but its good to know its something i can go back to if it all goes tits up for me.
  11. Daffy

    I was speaking to the JPA helpdesk myself today and asked them as an aside if they would be able to help with your copy pay statements. They said that they would, you just need to ring them.

    What about calling in on your local AFCO guys for an informal chat? You could ask about the branches you like the look of and they could tell you how long the respective waiting times are and more about the admin process for rejoining.

    You can decide what to do then.

    Might as well give it a whirl.
  12. It's important that you learn to do drill the matelot way. You will have to unlearn all that marching stuff you did as a booty and learn how to bimble in close formation as Jack does. 8)
  13. Lucky enough i have experience with matlows, i have been lucky enough to do HMS Endurance, best time of my life, then you get back to a unit and you think wtf lol

    But thanks for the quick replies , as i said it good to fall back on if it all goes down hill.
  14. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Quite. Our drill may look slovenly, but that's only because we practice & make it look easy.

    You will also need to stretch, rather than shrink your beret, so you can make it stick out at the sides - the amount it sticks out is dictated by your rank. Flag Officers certainly lead the way on beret-stretching.

    Remember: 0.01% Need Not Apply
  15. lol The two march speeds of the Matelot, Bimble and dawdle

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