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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by james_1985, Nov 28, 2012.

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  1. Hi

    I was on the first trench off Royal Navy redundancy’s and left this year on the30 SEPT, I served six years as a CIS rating. Is it at all possible to join upagain? If so would i have to pay back my redundancy money? Would i have to redo basic training? I would be looking atjoining as a Diver if i were allowed too, does anyone know what the manning forthis branch is like. Thanks in advance

  2. If you were made redundant without choice I don't think you have to pay anything back if you rejoin.
  3. Not wishing to be rude, but how would you know? Those questions are best put to a CA.
  4. I merely said that I didn't 'think' i.e I was just offering an opinion, however I have worked for HMG for a decade and also held a position within a Union for some time.

    I know for a fact that under uk law if you are forced into retirement any redundancy payments are yours and cannot be taken off you if you rejoin your HM employer, Police/prison/Nhs and so on. Whether or not the armed forces have one of those little small prints that changes things for them I do not know, but in my opinion it is unlikely in this case that they would not simply comply with standard practice.
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  5. thanks alot for the help guys, i didnt mean to start any arguments either haha,
  6. Don’t do arguments on this site just have heated debates on who’s right, wrong or just a ********
    Rules used to be but may have changed
    If you had a pension you had to give that back, and start adding additional time to a future pension
    They would ask for the hand shake back, but all those I knew that said it was spent had that request wavered, so paid nothing back
  7. Ok, so there should be no problem joining back up, also will i have to re do Raleigh? And if i did have to pay back my redundancy money, would they ask for it as a lump sum? Or pay back monthly from my wages? and when would i have to pay it back as i would be hoping to join the diving branch and there is no guarantee i would pass the course, thanks again
  8. I would go and speak to the recruiters first and get offed a job back in the mob before worrying about the other stuff, the recruiters should be able to or capable of finding out the answers to you r questions
  9. thanks alot mate, very helpfull. i phoned my afco on mon and they were going to get back in touch with some answers but i havnt heard anything back yet, i am in stornoway at the moment so i cant get in to see one, but ill be back on the mainland next week so im going to go in with all my documents.
  10. Jimbo's response, while I appreciate that you were trying to help, assumption is the mother of all **** ups :) Just as an add on, normally re-entrants don't re-do Raleigh, they do a couple of days to catch up with rule changes since they've been out but I believe this depends on how long since you left, again NS may have the definitive answer on that (I'm assuming on this one :) )
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  11. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The first thing about re-entry after redundancy is that it's treated on a case by case basis. Assuming the service wishes to re-employ you (see considerations listed in 3rd para below):

    Upon submission of a formal application to rejoin the service, together with copies of all your former service discharge documents, the AFCO will obtain copies of your former service records (takes about 4 weeks). Upon receipt of these documents they will request "Approval To Process" (Usually takes an extra 4-6 weeks). If it's approved, they will tell you under what circumstances you would be accepted (pay scale, rank, branch, training required & redundancy to be repaid, if applicable)

    Things to remember about redundancy:

    1. Many had already decided they were leaving the service and understandably applied for redundancy. Some were lucky enough to receive a redundancy payment together with resettlement training that they may not necessarily have otherwise been eligible to receive.

    2. There was an opportunity to change branches, for those recommended and eligible at the time, prior to leaving the service.

    3. The service scrutinised the individual's service records prior to announcing redundancies and in some cases, although not all, those selected for redundancy may have been selected as a direct result of their service record in comparison to others within their branch, at the same rank/rate, with the same seniority. In other words - anyone leaving with a less than glowing service report, not recommended further service, has no chance.

    For those accepted to re-enter, wishing to join in a different branch, we usually accept them as "part-trained re-entrants" who go straight into phase two/professional training (usually taking-up a training place from someone that leaves before completing Initial Naval Training[INT]), if they haven't been out long. But, as INT has changed significantly, I'd be inclined to brace myself in the possibility that completion of INT is part of the deal to join a different branch. Anything better than that is a bonus.

    As SJRM_RN states the procedure for re-entry and repayment of redundancy paid is in BR 3, Chapter 12, article 1215:
  12. thanks alot for information NS, has given me a good heads up for when i goto the AFCO next week with all my documents.
  13. Yes we do!!!!!!!:angryfire:
  14. :-\\\\\\\\ Fancy wanting to give the mob,back some of your redundancy money!!!!
  15. e

    Scouse, in these beleagured & straightened times I suppose it's akin to 'buying a job'; what's not to like?

    Anway, all the best to the OP.
  16. yes I know the Navy is bankrupt, and every bit helps:laughing5:
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  17. I don't know about training etc but I can tell you that if you rejoin within the period represented by your redundancy lump sum they will want some back. So, if you left with a sum worth six months pay and rejoin in three months, they will want 3 months pay back. If you want to know more send me a PM.

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