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Re Join question. Failed Diver trying something different.


First of all happy Easter, secondly this is a long boring dit so get comfortable.

Now before anyone mentions anything about the search bar, I’ve used it and believe my situation is unique, or maybe not?

I joined the Navy back in 2016 as a potential diver. However like many glass men like myself I gained many an injury in the selection week and didn’t even make it on to course. I put it down to poor preparation and bad luck. During my time between IDT’s where I was working on injuries and getting fit, I got a lot of exposure to other branches. After my final time on IDT and being refused back I was left with a branch change as my only option, or leave. I for whatever reason and I can’t remember when, had a brief from a WO CT in phase 2 and got really interested in the branch. I got as much information as I could but was inbetween IDT’s so had that as my focus.

After the final IDT I was left with the choice of what new branch to join. After speaking to my DO about joining CT as the prior brief from the WO said the branch was actively recruiting, I was refused. Still very keen to go down a similar route a bootneck friend told me about CI in the corps. So after asking if a phase 2 could transfer over to phase 1 CTCRM and finding out after 4 long months it was a no. I would have to re join as a Marine. During this time I still pushed for CT even though I was jumping through all the RM hoops I was being asked to do, because there “might have been a possibility”. Still getting refused to join the CT branch I gave up and left the Navy. I was told upon leaving that CT was a dead end and RM was my best avenue.

Back in civi street I jumped through all the pre joining hoops for RM, passed PRMC first time with decent scores etc. After doing that I gained doubts because I still wanted to do CT. Couple days before I was scheduled to join CTCRM I pulled the pin and asked my AFCO if I could give it one last try at trying to join as a CT.

I was originally told that after passing my new RT test in March I could potentially join in September 2019. This would have still kept me within the 2 year window for not having to re do Raleigh. However my AFCO rang me recently to tell me, I would have to re do Raleigh and not be able to join till September 2020. Re doing basic training is no bother to me, if it means I finally reach the CT branch I’ll do 10 more weeks of IMF.

However my friends who are currently still in the Navy, keep telling me that this shouldn’t be the case. From what I’ve gathered on this website it sounds like it’s up to the branch manger.

My theory was because I’ve gone through 2 different roles and pulling out so close to joining CTCRM, the branch manager is making me do Raleigh again to make sure I’m committed.

If anyone could shed any light on this it would be much appreciated. Especially regarding Raleigh and the 2 year window.



War Hero
if your friend is an AFCO fine, otherwise take what's on offer and hope this time it's the right choice?


Lantern Swinger
Are you aware that there are Royal Marine CTs? I'm not sure at what point RMs move on to their trade but I would expect that after one draft as a GD Mne you could, in theory and subject to being selected, move on to CT training.
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