Re-introduction of SETT?

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by off_les_aura, Sep 1, 2009.

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  1. I have just received a copy of the training pipeline for MESM SEMC course and it states that 1 week of ISQ training is taken up by SETT. Ask a silly question - is this the escape tower? I thought they'd put a stop to it?
  2. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    No pressurised training mate, meaning you won't be escaping from 9m? (face wet) and then the 30m orange escape suite (face dry).

    You still have to undergo the training. Lectures on when to escape depending on gases, pressure and radiation doses or a combination of all. You still get wet conducting a rush escape simulation and at the top of the tower whilst blowing out and getting into the escape suit life-raft. Last time I went thru pressrised, so I not sure if the instructors still demonstrate an escape. There is more too the course which I'm sure you'll find interesting. Good luck.
  3. Right - listen/read carefully.

    Pressurised training at SETT has ceased.

    In its place you will undertake a three day course at SETT consisting of various elements of escape training, but without the pressurised bit. There is no longer the need for the full comprehensive medical including chest x-ray. You will however be expected to pass the vitalograph. Certain parts of your medical history may/may not influence your ability to be part of the submarine service but the situation is probably not as strict as it used to be so there MAy be more leeway now as you are only being tedted on your suitability for service in submarines, not your suitability to undertake pressurised escape training.
    Enjoy your three days at Fort Blockhouse.

    Edit: beaten to it by Witsend!! :wink:
  4. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    The bonus is you can get leathered these days. :roll:
  5. Phew, I was beginning to think that all the fun had gone out of the Navy!

    Another couple of dumb questions regarding the training pipeline, if I may:-

    1. Whats ONOC Phases 1 and 2?
    2. ISQ - is that boat time? How much of that is spent alongside?
    3. NRC - Nuclear Reactor Course?
    4. EOOW Nominal - is that also boat time?

    Sorry about these questions but remember I am a WAFU and these terms are alien to me :oops:

    Also, I would be interested to know if anyone who has undertaken MESM SEMC moved their family lock-stock to the Pompey area,and whether it was worth it. We moved when I went on AQC but that was 3 years at Sultan and the kids were little. But my wife and I are both concerned about disrupting the kids schooling, and from the looks of it I will be under training from Apr 10 until Aug 12. That's a fcuk-load of commuting - how much of this time is spent at Sultan?

    Many thanks in advance
  6. Just spoke to the Course Officer - all questions answered now thanks :)

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