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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Patrick, Mar 17, 2009.

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  1. Hey guys, been looking on this interview for a few months in preparation for my interview. i had my interview this morning, but i got asked strange questions about how to change a plug and what amps are fuses. this then knocked my confidence abit and i found myself forgetting what i had learnt, and wasn't confident. i came back half an hour later. and he said i was below average for an AET. so he wasn't going to fail me but i have the option in 6 month's to re-take an interview.

    is this good or bad? i had mixed feelings when i left. if i get fitter & get more knowledge, do you think they'll pass me?
  2. The questions were meant to test your depth of technical knowledge. Just bone up on that a bit. Give it another go in 6 months
  3. i told him about what i had learnt & about the new aircraft carriers, but when i said i wasn't to keen on weapons and i'd applied to be an AET is when i think i slipped up because he questioned why my 2nd choice was an ME.
  4. AET's also help service the aircraft weapons dont they?
  5. Your obviously more interested in the mechanical side of life, unfortunately you have to cross thread to certain extent in both branches (I'm ex-ME, my son is ex-AET) as later in your careers you can specialise more electrical or mechanical (and airframes for AET) so you need a good all round knowledge in both disciplines. You don't have to go too deep, just a basic understanding.
  6. I wouldn't mind doing weapons as a part-job but I wouldn't be interested in being a Weapons Engineer thats how it was supposed to come out. But with my confidence shaken abit I'd forgotten the jobs of an AET all I could remember was radar, so I'll have to research it better for interview #2. i'm glad i've been given a 2nd chance.
  7. What did your son think of being an AET if he's already an ex? Did he enjoy it?
  8. He enjoyed the AET bit, he did 6 years but just got hacked off scrubbing out at sea, now works for Flybe in Exeter. Got the job because he was an AET and had all the necessary quals plus some extra's (HNC etc) courtesy of the mob.
  9. Sounds good, I really hope I get in because theres no other jobs round here. At least I know what to expect now. And I had a holiday booked for june so i can go on that now, then crack on after that :D
  10. that happened to me, but i was fine with plugs and things its when he asked me about bases that threw me i just couldn't remember them all. i knew couldrose and that was about it at the time.

    so im waitng for my interview date hopefully to come this week.

    good luck on waiting mate:) he asked me to get a job to and work on fitness as i was a lazy ass before the interview haha

    i think im fine now soo good luck on your waiting , its long and boring if you aren't active, as i was because i couldn't get a job with the situation not until April when i interviewed in October.

    also try not to injure yourself on bikes as i did :/
  11. Anyone on board have any tips on researching
    the technical info needed for AET interview?
  12. Tip, when applying to join an Armed service. Never say your not keen on weapons!!!!! Even if you didn't mean it in the context it was phrased. It could easily be misconstrued.

    If your joining a technical trade you will not be expected to state how to service a Merlin for example, but they will expect you to have a depth of mechanic experience applicable to your age. If you ride a push bike, relate your experience to that. If you strip down PC's than again use that as an example.

    But do go for it in six months, you have an idea now of how the interview procedure works, use that knowledge and the time to get your technique refined. Good luck.
  13. I'm off for the selection Interview tomorrow, just wondering about anything else I might need to quickly polish up on before I go.. this is for AET by the way.
    What I've done is printed out basics and memorized as much as I can about ;

    Training - Phases 1, 2A & 2B - What I'll be doing, for how long, and where.

    The Job as an AET - What it involves and where I may be based, Promotion opportunities etc.

    FAA - What it does, what all it's different branches do, and where it's bases are.

    Naval Bases - Names, where they are, and what's 'hosted' (Different kinds of Ships, Boats, Aircraft).

    'About' the Rn Basics - Top Tier organisation, Where Navy Command HQ is, the 8 defence missions of the RN, basic history.

    Current Deployments / Global Ops (All I could find were standing deployments, the Global Ops map on the RN site says what's where but doesn't say a lot about what they're doing there, although it doesn't seem hard to put 2+2 together, would like more solid info on that).

    Aircraft - Types, Roles, Weapons, Engine type, Where based.

    Ship & Boat types - Type, how many there are operational, Roles, and what aircraft capabilities they have.

    Pay and how much notice I'd need to give if I wanted to quit. (Couldn't find anything on the contract..?)

    Oh, and read the latest Navy news.

    Anything else I should scrub up on tonight / tomorrow morning? Think this will be enough?

    Guaranteed I'll draw a total blank when I get there.

    (p.s. I know how to wire a plug :wink: )

    edited for grammatical goof.
  14. When i had my interview (AET), i did'nt really get asked to much about the current ships, more about the FAA, what it does? and where are the squadrons currently operating.

    With regards to technichal things i am a keen mechanic so it didnt really pose much of a problem for me. However i did get asked about how to wire a plug?
    What are fuses for? Also general things like do i have a tv and a car? to which i replied yes, i was then asked how would i fix them if they were not working, i.e check the fuse? Check the power supply.

    I was also asked some basic avionics like why do helicopters stay in the air?

    I know all this is abit jumbled but i imagine you can get the jist of what you will need to know for your interviews.

    Good Luck

  15. Strip open the tv casing and play with the massive capacitors!
  16. Man my interview was a piece of pesh although i applied for SCL but still i was expecting it to be alot harder than it was oh well good luck with your next interview mate :wink:
  17. Well, easily passed interview today (CPO's words, not mine). Apparently I am a 'high quality candidate'.. Just medical and PJFT to go. all good.
  18. Well Done, Andrew!
  19. Cheers Sol!
  20. Got a 6 month drawback on my app, gutted. Lost my job and consequently my flat back in december, and because I dealt with it like a soft tart ended up going to the doctor's all stressed and wotnot (for 3 weeks), was referred to a psych, and during medical yesterday (AFCO moved it from 26/08 to yesterday luckily) the examiner says I need a 12 month period symptom free.. nowt wrong with me! Rules are rules though so nowt I can do.. ffs. Now got to re-do the medical in Jan 2010.. kicking myself.

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