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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by luke_manic, Dec 21, 2009.

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  1. the anvy used to have a system set up where by if you were re inlisting or transfering from another service, you would only have to complete a 2 week intensive course at raleigh.

    in light of the current over manning and economical state does it look realistic that the royal navy will bring this back into power. with the increase of persons re inlisting this shorley seems a viable option.

    if any one know any more on this this would be a great help

  2. I am in the process of re-inlisting and i am not doing Raleigh.
  3. when I re-joined in 97 after 21 months out it was 3 days of admin at raleigh then on to Sultan for a refresher
  4. I imagine the situation is constantly changing and it will be on a case by case basis. I wouldn't be surprised if transfers and re-enlisting actually became harder. I see no reason why it would become easier as courses are actually being slashed. Courses are being slashed because they want less people, not more.
  5. As the man above says, more people are electing to remain in the forces who in previous years when the economy was better might have left the service. This therefore means they need less recruits, and coupled with loads of people wanting to join the services, even the infantry regiments in the army, rejoiners and transferees are wanted less and less.
  6. The AFCO said to me that just because you have served does not mean you can get back in, alot of it goes by your yearly reports and your final write up.
  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Re-entrants break-down into several categories, so there's no single answer:

    Those who are ex-RN/RM & who have been "outside" for less than about 5 years, rejoining their former trade having completed all trade training, usually join on a Wednesday, get kitted-up,then go onto their phase two establishment for refresher training as required, then go straight to sea/squadron/unit. If there is a surplus in the branch, they can get knocked-back - for example GD Marines are sometimes only being offered D3, Sigs, Clerk, Chef as a condition of re-entry.

    Those who are ex-RN/RM & who have been "outside" for more than about 5 years, rejoining their former trade having completed all trade training, usually join Raleigh & maybe required to undergo phase one &/or phase two training depending on the Branch Manager's decision. If there is a surplus in the branch, they can get knocked-back.

    Those who are ex-RN/RM & who wish to branch change, usually join Raleigh for kitting-up & maybe required to undergo phase one &/or phase two training depending on the Branch Manager's decision. If there is a surplus in the branch, they can get knocked-back.

    Those who are ex-RN/RM & who did not complete either phase one or two training, usually join Raleigh/CTC & are required to undergo phase one & phase two training. If there is a surplus in the branch, they can get knocked-back.

    Those who are ex-Army/RAF & need to complete both phase one & two training, regardless. If there is a surplus in the branch, they can get knocked-back.

    At present we have record numbers of new joiners & those with former service wishing to join or re-join. Whilst those with former service may feel they are "ideal" to re-enter, they often come with 'baggage', such as uncertainty whether they really want to rejoin, financial issues, unspent convictions, medical issues, poor disciplinary history etc., etc. which makes re-joiners one of the statistically unreliable groups of joiners - quite the opposite of what most would imagine.
  8. thanks for all the reply's that cleared things up. im currently transfering and have a very good disciplinary history. The only baggage i have is a wife and a puppy. iv sat all my RT test's and medical's for AET and am waiting out for a date for raleigh. Even though iv completed all the RT and im waiting for a place can i still be knocked backed by the higher powers that be??
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It's unlikely after approval has been granted to process the application, however the selection interview is still pass/fail & security clearance can be knocked back for a variety of reasons.
  10. cheers for the reply ninja. iv completed al stages of the test's and because im based in Germany i sat them all on the same day. iv allready got clearence which was updated and come back fine. so now iv just been told that i have to wait for a date for raleigh. because im a transferie can they still stop it this far down the line? i.e due to manning etc?
  11. Ninja just out of interest why is it necessary for ex pongos like myself to redo phase 1 completely?. In my case I left the Army on the Sat and started Raleigh on the Sun. While certain things were useful (mainly the changes in drill and what little seamanship we did) surely it would be more cost efficient to provide this in a seperate 2 week course. After 8 years as a cpl I was more than capable of doing all the basic things that a civvy needs to learn.

    As an example I was excused the NMT phase as I was already a Skill at Arms instructor and Platoon Weapons Instructor which meant I was effectivley more qualified than than most of the insructors there (except the Royals).

    It just seems to me that if the Navy needs to save money then this could be something worth looking at.
  12. The RAF do a one or two week course for entrants from other services, just to teach them the RAF way of doing things. Doing the whole of phase 1 is only necessary if going from RAF or RN to army, due to all the extra fieldcraft/green stuff that is done, and the (generally) higher lvel of fitness that is required. A lot of the people that do the RAF courses are transferrng to the RAF to be wsops (flying sergeants).
  13. Do we have a Air Force ?
  14. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I've not come across it previously, but I'd guess it wasn't impossible. More likely the wait may get longer, but if you've been found suitable in all respects I'd not be laying awake at night worrying about it.

    Basically whilst there's no doubt a former soldier would already possess the military skills required, particularly if it was a direct transfer without a break in service, there just isn't the spare capacity in the system to create a bespoke course for such limited numbers of similarly qualified transferees. The danger is the possibility of seagoing terminology, safety & sea survival aspects being missed & only discovered lacking when the pooh hits the punkah-louvre.

    The other issue is whether the individual is temperamentally suited to what is in effect a reduction in rank - what we don't want is a person that is not prepared to follow orders off a Leading Hand on the grounds they effectively used to be one.

    I have to admit it does seem a waste of money in some aspects, but I suppose a few weeks is a small price to pay for the sake of safety for the individual & the realisation of a sought-after change of job, which is the choice of the transferee who is advised of the terms of contract upon applying.
  15. Just a curious question for ninja.If you serve in the british army for x amount of years and then decide to join the navy with an internal transfer.Does the 36 and 11 months age limit still apply.Many thanks in advance. :)
  16. Having been in a simular situation (ex pongo-10 years-JNCO) I found Phase 1 in the most part good. Endless kit inspections being not one of the most enjoyable parts. If you are a good egg, you may be cut some slack.
  18. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    So far as I'm aware, as long as the individual is eligible, the transfer is approved & there is a vacancy, the person transferring must be young enough to complete their minimum of 18 years (combined Army & RN time served) pensionable service before compulsory retirement at age 55.

    That said, the only way to be certain is to apply.

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