Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by al1978, Oct 3, 2010.

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  1. If anbody has any feedback on this i would appreciate it.
    I left the forces in 2003 as a leading steward to start a family, after being out for 7 years i am now keen on re-entering. Does it really take approximately 2 years to get back in? I have great reports and was highly recommended for further service but can't see me waiting 2 years. More interested in going submariner as well.


  2. Cheers for that mate...i appreciate it
  3. Hi Al

    Welcome to Rum Ration.

    Strongly recommend that you speak to your nearest Royal Navy Careers Advisors about this this week. Find them here:
  4. You may, I repeat, may be able to forgo Raleigh training with some remedial training for your chosen branch as you have only been out 7 yrs, plus the boats training of course.
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Depending how long they have already served, & how long they have 'been outside', a re-entrant, if granted permission to re-enter, will join on the AFPS 05 pension scheme & must be able to complete a reasonable term of service, subtracting their former service from the newer 18 year contract for those over the age of 22.

    Those who have been outside over 5 years could reasonably be expected to possibly undergo refresher phase two (trade training).
  6. About 2 hrs for a p1ss pot jugler :wink:
  7. I too was in your situation. Done 7 out for 7. It took 5 months from applying to walking back through the gate. I did 2 days at Raleigh, and 1 month refreshers. It may not take two years waiting.
  8. You'll be re-entering as an AB however, as you've been out for over 2 years.... I think 2 years is where you lose your rate.
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Yep, it's basically down to the Branch Manager, some are turning re-entrants away as they have the manpower required, some turn them away as they reckon the time they have left to complete their contract isn't worth the outlay.

    Steward submariners has been a shortage category for thirty years, but it's anyone's guess at the moment, so I wouldn't like to raise false hopes by stating the usual response with regard steward manning requirements, which was traditionally; "Have you got anything planned tomorrow"
  10. When was that mate. Did you manage to get your old paylips okay or did you keep yours from when you were in

  11. Cheers for all the information from everyone i appreciate you taking the time.
    I will see how it goes but hopefully will be okay.

    Thanks again

  12. I went back in March this year started app end of October last year when I closed business down. I kept my old parsnips etc. The thing that took most time was waiting for permission to proceed. I got that in Jan after Cmas leave.

    I didn't hang about I got everything done as quick as possible. I did my PJFT same day as interview.
  13. Cheers Thommo, i am waiting to get old payslips back whilst the careers office are tracking my medical documents, i am a betting shop manager just now but miss the mob, enjoy your time back in fella
  14. It's the right decision for me. Although it's changed a lot that hasn't made any difference.
  15. From a pensions point of view, if you do rejoin you can apply to have your previous reckonable service (paid service over the age of 18) which earned you a preserved pension in AFPS 75 transferred to AFPS 05. You don't have to - you can have two separate pensions if you want to - but do the sums. Remember the Forces Pension Society if you need help with this. Good luck.

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