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I left the mob in 2001 after serving 5 yrs as a steam stoker on Fearless. I left as an AMEM1 because I, like many young matelots spent most of my time pissing up and couldn't be bothered to finish my task book. I did a couple of years as FTRS at Yeovilton and finally cut all ties with the mob in 2004.

I have done ok since leaving and have enjoyed the better pay and home life of being a civvy, but for the last couple of months i have been seriously considering rejoining full time. I miss the banter and security of being in the mob, i know that i will be able to move up the ladder a lot faster because i'm not the the gobby little t^^t i was back then.

What is the promotion like these days? Is it possible to move up the ladder pretty quick if you get your head down and crack on? Would anyone reccomend me joing up again?


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Welcome to the site.

There are currently a large amount of "re-treads" in the process of rejoining at this time of economic uncertainty. (My AFCO alone has about 40-45 currently being processed).

The "re-entry" pipeline time tends to be longer than most imagine due to the fact most people leaving the mob have no intention of rejoining & ditch their discharge documentation upon leaving, whilst vowing "never again". The onus is on the individual to produce the documentation & providing the individual is recommended for further service & there are branch vacancies, there isn't often a problem on gaining permission to re-enter.

There is a high attrition rate with rejoiners as there are two major factors affecting entry:

1. The original reasons why a person left are still there, things are not that much different and the "rose tinted" recollections of former service soon fade when the prospect of entry draws near and the knowledge of being placed top of the sea roster becomes apparent. This leads to a lot of time wasters withdrawing their application after being allocated an entry date.

2. As people grow older they tend to take on larger financial commitments & many re-joiners are unable to afford to join because of their level of debt and the fact starting income is only £13,013. This is fine for a 16 year old school leaver but not so good for a mid to late 20's year old or older individual.

As the credit crunch bites there is currently no shortage of potential joiners in the service be they trained or new joiners, and possibly this will lengthen the promotion prospects in the long-term - it may even raise the bar with regards the standards accepted. That said,current waiting times for promotion to leading hand & upwards are probably shorter now than at any time in the last 30 years.

Good luck.
If you get your head down the promotion will always be there. I spent ten "Cant be arsed" years as i scab ab then got my thumb out my arse and moved on
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