Re-entry pay band question

Hello I have a question about pay. I have had a quick look on this forum and could not find anything that relates.

June this year I left Royal Marines training after being there for almost 9 months so I was on the second payband earning £18,100 as this increases from £14,500 after 6 months.

My plan is to join the Royal Navy when I can apply again next May so I was wondering if I will be on that pay band again if I start basic training at Raleigh? Some of the lads who had served before and joined training as a week 1 nod were on ~£26,000.


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As you presumably left as an untrained rank, if accepted for re-entry into the Naval Service, you'll almost certainly join on the new entry rate of pay again, possibly some seniority after pass out.

The precise detail will be in the approval to process letter but so far, the way the RN looks at it, in cold-blooded terms, it has already cost about £7k to process for entry last time, about £2.5k in issued kit, about £6k per month (£1.5k per week overheads per recruit) whilst in training & presumably rehabilitation (Hunter Company) costs plus about £11.5k wages. In other words the mob has invested & lost just short of £75,000 on you so far...I'd be more inclined to worry about the service wishing to take you back, to be honest.

Good luck.

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