Re-entry Medical?

Everyone joining the RN has to be medicalled by a Navy entry medical officer during the selection process. Medicals stay valid for 12 months for anyone below 18 and up to the age of 30 for anyone over the age of 18.

The AFCO will need to get your medical doc's from Kentigen house prior to you being medicalledm as the AFCO ME will need to see it.

So unfortunately you will need to be re-medicalled for joining.


I had to wait 4 months mate for my med docs to come from glasgow.
Think they are called F med 4 docs but just hold on mate they will come through just for that wait for me and to find I could not get in was a ballache at the most but Im sure you will be ok!
You're stretching it a bit calling yourself Ex-services when you opted out after 5 mins, at that rate Army Cadets with 5 years in will be applying for the Veterans badge.
Is that you as your Avatar? Makes it nice and easy for the Training teams to ID the Class knob.

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