Re entry into the RN

I joined in Feb 2006 as a Warfare Specialist on surface ships and was medically discharged in Feb 2008 with Compartment Syndrome.

However i have been working with one of my mates who is a PTI in the Army and have noticed that my calf muscles are getting better and can do fitness without any pain and have thought about rejoining the navy as an ET(MESM) however wasnt too sure if i was able to rejoin because of 2 factors:

1 - Medical Discharge


2 - as i was on 05 pension i got a Lump Sum but no pension. I thought this one would be the stumbling block but not sure... can anyone help?

Does anyone know if i can rejoin? i would be happy to re-sit phase 1 again if need be.

Thanks very much



Lantern Swinger
Pm ninja stoker and/or supermario, they are careers advisors and will know the definite yay or nay answer. I hope you are sucessful, going submariner will certainly strengthen your chances of getting in.


War Hero
IB08 said:
... going submariner will certainly strengthen your chances of getting in.
Unfortunately the branch of preference makes little difference regarding an application to rejoin, in fact submariners have more stringent medical standards for entry than general service.


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Ahh fair enough. Its understandable really, I was being a bit tongue in cheek when I said that, as Im aware that subs are a shortage branch as it were. Harrison, dont worry about it, I hope you get back in, and good luck for the future.
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