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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by smudgster!, Nov 11, 2008.

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  1. Hiya peeps, i left the navy 3 years ago, and iamgetting a little bored of driving misrale people around on trains all day, however i have a few snags, medically iam still ok as i was when i left, however, railway life has made me become a porker, i understand i will have to get down to my raleigh fighting weight, but i have a few questions, and id be grateful of a little advice.

    1) if iam re entering, will i go back to my old increment level?

    2) i remember when i joined the AFCO was quite adiment that i should have no debt, is this still the same as a re enterent? as i have appeared to have picked up a CCJ from 3 years ago, but its being paid in a timely fashion.

    3) do i have to take my wife with me?

    4) will i have to do part 1 and part 4 again? i left as i Local acting Leading stores accountant?

    5) will i still be allowed back even tho i have been outside for over 3 years?

    any advice shippers would be extremely grateful.

    oh and another point, has the royal naval school of dance been relocated yet?
  2. This is a wind up innit?

    oh and another point, has the royal naval school of dance been relocated yet?

    It has to be.
  3. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    LOL,,,,join the . Weight loss will be rapid.
  4. iam actually quite bloody serious!
  5. How long did you serve and why did you leave?
  6. i did 5 years, and i left, because i got married, still married tho, but my wife knows how unhappy i am, and is behing me 100 %.

    sorry about the quip about the royal naval school of dance, but i was in jo's the night it closed down for good, and flairs in guildhall was never a decent night out.
  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Hi, welcome

    1) You may be awarded seniority if you can produce previous pay statements, if you join the same trade & when all's said and done, only if your branch manager feels a 3 year break in service merits 5 years seniority. My guess it'll be on a reduced increment initially, but it is a guess.

    2) CCJs are not themselves a bar to entry, however you must produce a letter of satisfaction from your creditor to prove you have not defaulted. You will have a full credit check undertaken as part of your security clearance. If the Defence Vetting Agency have further queries you will be sent a nice big financial questionnaire to complete- the tip is just be honest. Your monthly outgoings must not exceed 50% of your new net income.

    3) Nah, only if you want to.

    4) Again, Branch Managers call, but if you were an LSA and left on good terms & were recommended for further service on your last RORRS, there is a good chance. You will have to complete the RN Swimming Test & RN Fitness Test after joining together with the APWT (Shooty, bangy stuff). You may need to go to the Logistics school to be brought up to speed with the latest systems in use and any cross-training to cross thread you into a, wait for it- Logistician (Supply Chain). You WILL go top of the sea roster upon re-joining.

    5) See above. Even more likely if you want to be a submariner.

    Further advice on rejoining here.

    Good luck.
  8. ninja mate, cheers for your helpful advice, i have all my old paystatements, and all my old RORRS in my folder so hopefully things wil be on the move, once again thankk you!!!!!!!!

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