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I am wondering if anyone has any experience of people being medically discharged but then re-joining at a later date? I was in the RM several years ago having previously been in the RMR. Randomly I developed eczema and was discharged at the end of training! The eczema came on from an allergy to a certain chemical used to tan leather in some issue boots. The problem really arose from the chemical leeching out from my boots when on exercise and being constantly wet. When not on exercise the problem went away, so obviously not ideal!

This year i applied to the navy hoping to go in the CD Branch but due to my discharge i was turned down. I was wondering if anyone knows how long a medical condition needs to have been absent for until it can be classed as completely void, if indeed it can be. It has been absent for over a year now and i still wear leather boots as i am now a copper, albeit a fed up copper!

Any advice appreciated!
Hi Stretch,

Mecial conditions are a difficult one for us to answer. When you re-apply we have to pass your details on the Captain Naval Recruiting staff in Portsmouth, who then pass your details infront on the medical staff. They will then let us know the decision as to whether we may process you or not. There is no set time between applications. Whichever AFCO you attended should be albe to give you an answer on whether or not it is worth you re-apply for another branch in the RN.

Sorry I can't be of more help




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Hi Stretch,

I was medically discharged 6 years ago, and I re-applyed in January this year.

The result is that I am re-joining in May 2009.

My advice is to go and see you'r local carreers office and take it from there. They are the only ones who will be able to give you the answer to your question.

Hope this helps. :thumright:


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