Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Flagtosser, Sep 29, 2006.

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  1. I have heard that units are having restriction put on LH and above at re-engagment.

    Reason for asking is I know some units have not had any problems and their LH (who have not done their LRCC) are just re engaged whether as other units LH are given 1 year extension and told to do there LRCC or they are out.

    Just wondering how true this is?
  2. Not sure about RNR (I am interested in joining by the way in London) but when I was in the TA we had a L/Cpl acting up as full Cpl, which is the equivalent of LH. He was told that he had a year to do his JNCO course, due to personal circs they gave him another year to do it. He didn't and had to revert to L/Cpl. Methinks the RNR would be about the same, particularly if someone's work/personal commitments got in the way. I would imagine the same applies to re-engagement.

    I might be talking out of my botty of course but I would imagine there would be some parity between the service on certain issues.

  3. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    The party line, I think, is that in order to re-engage you need to have completed the Command Course appropriate for your rate; this really only affects people who were rated before the current rules on promotion were put in place (more than about 3 years ago?).

    As in all things RNR, there will be differences between the units in the degree of flexibility applied to the rules hence the 1 year extensions. As a case in point of different unit approaches, several years ago I submitted a request for CW candidature; requestmen took place 2 days after my 34th birthday - my request was denied on the grounds that I would be unable to obtain 12 months of reports and sit my board before my 35th birthday. Three years later having changed unit, my then DO saw this on my docs and made a case to DNRES on my behalf (without my knowledge); I was given approval to sit a board up to the age of 40 despite the regs at the time having a cut-off at age 35 (I declined - who wants to be a middle-aged JO?!). Different ships...

  4. The problem is I am a LH who got rated up under the old rules, I am still (well) under the age of 45, got injured on my LRCC 18 months ago and was booted off, still receiving hospital treatment for this injury and yet given a restriction on my re-engagement. My Opo is over 45 and was rated up under the new rules and got re-engaged no problem at all. Both paperwork submitted at the same time.

    So you can gather I am pretty pissed off :evil: ....Or I am being told something??? :oops:
  5. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    So: you - old rules, technically can't re-engage until LRCC; your oppo - promoted under the new rules has no restriction on re-engagement, BUT if LRCC is not compeleted within the required timescales will be reverted to AB1, while your hooks are safe for as long you remain engaged. There is a bigger difference between the two of you than just conditions of engagement.

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