Re Engagement in the RNR and Depression

Dear all,

Its come to that point in my life where I need to re engage for a further 5 years. I have already served 15.

I am aware that the Dr is no loner available for advice, but I didnt know if anyone else was around that could help.

I have my appointment for my 5 yearly medical which im slightly worried about now. About three years ago after being completely messed around by my ex wife, I took some downtime from my civilian employment to gather my thoughts and "Re org". My GP prescribed me some Anti Depressants and I was offered some counselling which I took. Everything is cool, and im totally fine, but Im now worried that when I go to re engage Ill have the word "Depression" on my medical record. This was only a short episode and im completely fine.

Does anyone know if this will bar me from re engagement into the RNR? Does anyone have any advice with what I should do pre to attending my 5 year pulheems next month.

Many Thanks

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