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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by wet_blobby, Mar 4, 2009.

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  1. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

  2. This one has to be up there. They re-enact a german airfield during WWII by sitting around some fake planes. Riveting.

  3. The plane looks like an Auster., in kraut camoflage.
  4. The box rommel is sitting on says "Work No." should it not say seig heil or sommat?
  5. It should say werk nr.
    as laid down by A. Hitler
  6. More like a Fiesler Storch.
  7. Hi all I'm keen to start a Army Catering Corps re-enactment society. I'm considering the 1953-1969 period for a British Army ACC Unit based in Colchester or Aldershot.
    Special attention to detail will be paid to Pay Books and Chef's whites being spotless on all occasions when in the public eye.
  8. BRIGANTIA is an Iron Age Celtic reenactment group in Portsmouth, England.
    They demonstrate Iron Age (1000BC-43AD) life and warfare for schools, museums,
    and films, as well as for their own enjoyment.

    (Men in Chefs Trousers running round clouting each other with bits of wood)
  9. Sorry BBD that is not acceptable, my re-enactment society will be a peacetime AAC unit as that is about the only unit most of these fantsy island rejects(Waffen SS Re-enactors in particular) would actually be capable of serving in.
  10. Sweet, 550 quid for a B grade fully equiped Field Kitchen, I can almost smell the Hexamine. We're on a roll now.
    "Oi!! Only one scoop of chips you CNUTTTTT!!" :lol:

    Those RUSSIAN SS boys are a bit deluded, their Great- Grandparents were probably fighting the fatherless ones. Still no stranger than the British Herrenvolk who insist on Seig Heiling their weeekends away I suppose. Just a bit sad.
  11. I'm looking for a re-enactment group based on the Navy circa-1980-90s, with particular reference to re-enacting runs ashore. I can provide my own kit if necessary, with authentic looking beer, food, mud and blood stains.
  12. with the Field Kitchen of Harry de Wheels
  13. This guy would do an ace job of popping his own head off. Novel use for a rifle: a walking stick! Must be a large strain, walking up a huge hill like that...

  14. Deutchland Uber Der Alles

    And now for the boot stomping march of the Waffen SS

    Singing about a little flower called ERIKA :excited:


    For those who wish to sing along and know not the tongue of the fatherland we have the English translation below.


    On the heath there grows a little flower
    And its name is Erika
    A hundred thousand little bees
    Swarm around Erika
    Because her heart is full of sweetness,
    Her flowery dress gives off a tender scent
    On the heath there grows a little flower
    And its name is Erika
    2. In the homeland lives a little farm maid
    And her name is Erika
    This girl is my true treasure
    And my luck, Erika
    When the flower on the heath blooms lilac red,
    I sing her this song in greeting.
    On the heath there grows a little flower
    And its name is Erika
    3. Another little flower blooms in my small room
    And its name is Erika
    In the first rays of the morning and in the twilight
    It looks at me, Erika
    And it seems to me it speaks aloud:
    Are you still thinking of your little bride?
    Back home a farm maid weeps for you
    And her name is Erika
  15. Who'd have thought the SS had a soft side. I see them in a different light now :?
  16. Very interesting, but not as good as this old hat of mine(with kit removal)
  17. Especially when performed by an inebriated Jenny ... :thumbright:
  18. This pair of WaltenKommandos were rejected by the Recruiting Ossifer of the much vaunted German Mountain troops because they croosed the line of death that seperates Joe Public from the mighty re-enactors.

    PS Check out the Nasty Nazi Ossifer in the background Knight's Cross and evil glare cause Blobby tried to grab a stick grenade

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