Re-cycled Police Dog Scheme.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by BillyNoMates, Jun 29, 2011.

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  1. When they're old and no longer able to catch criminals, retire 'em
    and let them live out their days in glorious peace and quiet. When
    they get cooked in the back of a police car - well, there's always
    the local Vietnamese Takeaway.

  2. Do you get chips with that?
  3. That's very paw Rod
  4. You'd have to be barking mad to eat that!
  5. I like em curried, there's more of a bite to it.

    It's number PC 3456 on the menu.
  6. Canine delicacy, it's the dog's bollocks.
  7. I wouldn't mind having that cook dogy style either.
    She looks a bitch.
    When you order dog as a fast food, do they whippet up straight away, or poodle about until its cold.
  8. I always thought Dachsunds were the original hotdogs!
  9. Yeah but they tend to make the meal drag out a bit
  10. If there's leftovers do you get a doggy bag so you can retrieve it later?
  11. Talking of leftovers, who buries the bones?
  12. Is Dr McCoy dead, does Captain Kirk know?
  13. Yeah you can get a doggy bag. I suppose your thinking you want to woof it down later.
  14. I told Scotty but he wouldn't pass it on..... the bitch.
    Back on thread sorta, I couldn't finish all the last dog I tried to yomp, it was Mastiff. The chef was a nice Scandinavian, one could say he was a great Dane/
  15. I think you're a bunch of cunts.
  16. Very nice of you, we on the other hand don't think of you at all.
  17. Just add hot water for a nice Yappy-snack.

  18. Nothing to do with the dog story I hasten to add :pottytrain2::-D
  19. The only part of this "you are a shower of cunts" malarkey that amazes me is why it took you so long to find out.:glasses9::-D
  20. Do you think the original story was a bone a FIDO one.

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