Re-Applying to the Armed Forces!?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ripper, Apr 17, 2011.

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  1. Hi,
    I applied to join the Royal Navy around 2 years ago and i failed my recruitment tests to get in and be offered a job. The officer said that i couldnt apply to the navy or RAF again and i could only apply to the army. Why would he say this and do you think i could ever apply to the RN or RAF in the future?
  2. Maybe It's because the Army is all Braun and hardly any brain. Crabs and Sailors are a thinking mans club :p
  3. Soothayer why don't you just say it like it is!! (though maybe without the sexism!) :boogie:
  4. Sounds odd, What age are you? Normally you can re-take the RT after twelve months, obviously you have to pass it to get a job offer. Is there any circumstances you can think of which may have black marked you i.e. did you lie about anything etc? I assume these recruitment tests where the multi choice questions to pick your trade and not something you messed up at Raleigh?
  5. Hey take the above on the chin! Best bet is to ask your AFCO. Your answer is in what you wrote yourself. Being the AFCO that told you that, then theres your answer. The reason why you cant you better ask your AFCO.

    Best of luck.
  6. I'm currently only 17 years of age and I failed my RT twice..I have never lied about anything in my application so why would he say that?
  7. Hey sorry to hear that (Im no expert, im a re-joiner myself but been to HMS Raleigh) ninja as stated, a third entry test is not always a option.

    I will find you the link.

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  8. So can't I re apply after a certain amount of years and why can't I have the option of joining the RAF?
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The simple fact is that there are only 3 versions of the test & applicants who fail the test first time around are told if they fail a second attempt, that is it for the short term.

    If an applicant retakes the test after 6 months, having been granted exceptional permission for a re-take & fails it a second time then it's pretty obvious they did not practice, so a 3rd re-sit is not granted.

    If an applicant waits 12 months after a first fail & again fails then consideration for a 3rd attempt is extremely remote but maybe granted in exceptional circumstances by the Area Recruiting Manager - after a further period well in excess of 12 months after the second fail.

    Most people that fail the first attempt and genuinely revise, will pass at the second attempt. Those that fail twice have a statiscally remote chance of passing. Unfortunately there isn't an optimistic sounding method of delivering the blunt facts, if your AFCo has already said no, then it will remain that way.
  10. You said on here 15 months ago that you were going in to see the RAF the following day to apply to be a Firefighter. What happened then?
  11. Ninja so I can never apply for the royal navy again or possibly in a few years time? And could I apply for the RAF?
  12. Soiel, I needed a full driving licence to apply for that role and I got my driving licence 4 months ago so I never went in to see them for that reason
  13. I think maybe you should go to your local AFCO and talk to the Navy CA's there and they might talk you through the whole issue. From there you can see what options are open to you and where you want to take your future.

    Whatever happens I truly wish you the best and I hope you find something that will make you happy. Godspeed

  14. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    As asked December 09:

    The response was:
    The RAF selection process is completely unrelated to the Royal Navy, so the question is best asked of the RAF direct.

    Good luck.
  15. If you didn't go in last year to ask about that job because you didn't have a full driving licence then, might it perhaps be worthwhile ringing the nearest RAF Recruiters tomorrow and running this by them and asking whether they are happy for you to go in and see them in person, now that you have your licence?

    Edited to say: Sorry, Ninja, I didn't see your reply as we were posting at the same time.
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  16. thanks everyone! when I have time ill give the RAF a call and explain the whole situation. hopefully they'll say I can apply
  17. Make time.

    It's not a good time to be delaying enquiring about any of the Armed Forces.

    Visit a careers office - RAF Careers
  18. These tests didnt seem hard at all in 07 when I did mine. Went in, winged it, passed, and left.
  19. Let me explain.

  20. NZB,

    Nail, Head. Cruelty at it's kindest.

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