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Discussion in 'Blogs' started by southernfairy, Apr 24, 2009.

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  1. i had an officer application in the rn regulars earlier this year and passed the eysight and mental aptitude tests, but cancelled my application before my personal interview. i was told that there was no guarantee that i wouldnt end up a submariner and i really didnt want to be in a submarine, id rather be in the surface fleet. can anyone tell me firstly what are the chances that the navy wont let you do the job that you sign up for as an officer, and secondly would that fact that i cancelled my application harm my second one if i choose to re-apply?

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  2. you can go ahead and answer anytime...
  3. S/F

    I'm sure that one of the Careers Advisors will be online at some point over the weekend, so look again tomorrow.
  4. Reflecting back on the first part of that, before you even went through the initial scoping interview with the Career Officer you withdrew your application. Does it not strike you as sensible to have had the conversation with him/ her at the time and clarified the situation and your interests?

    Given that you left it less than 12 hours, overnight, for a response I'm assuming that you have an interest in being a warfare officer?

    Bluntly, you join as an officer in one of the branches, each of those branches, standfast aviation, employ people in both ships and submarines. If you join in a surface role, you may be required to move to a submarine role dependent on the needs of the service.

    Go and have the conversation with a Careers Officer, it can't hurt and they might point out that the service may not be for you anyway.

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