Re-applying after pvr


Hi chaps,

so my question is, would i be allowed to reapply if i PVR'd 2 and half years ago.

At the time i was going through a messy separation and and pvrd to try and sort things out, my CO at the time new about my problems and understood my position, unfortunately the relationship couldn't be salvaged and needless to say my life is in a much better position now, and feel i need that challenge again.

My only concern would be im 31 and have a 4k loan that i am paying back, but am unsure if you have any debt's it might be a bar to entry.

any help is greatly appreciated.


Lantern Swinger
Hi mate, I pvrd around 2 years ago and have debt. Around 6k... I have a join date of 1st March. Still waiting for sc to come through but spoke to the vetting agency and they didn't seem to have any issues with it. As long as you are honest and paying it off. Only difference is I'm only 25 but I'm sure you should be OK at 31


cheers for the reply mate.

what are you joining as and was the wait time long? i dismissed the idea of joining again because i was on the waiting list for almost 3 years back then, but a mate of mine still serving told me that the wait time is drastically reduced to months not years dependant on branch of course.


ye mate loads of people have, the bunch i was training with nearly half have left or are going.

can't see it being that bad tho. i don't think some people are cut out for the military tho.

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