RBL charity gig


If anyone can share this event and or attend the event I would really appreciate it.

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Just keeping the thread alive, if anyone can attend I can guarantee a good night out, the main act the media whores includes arrse member they_lie and they are making the journey down from Scotland to play, if they don't close the border after Thursdays vote that is.


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This event is now being recorded live and hopefully we will be able to get a CD released to raise more funds for the RBL. I hope that some of you as well as some members from arrse are able to attend what will prove to be memorable night out for everyone and obviously raise funds for a fantastic chastity which some May or may not need in the future.

Anyone who mentions this website or arrse or produces their MOD90 will get a discounted admission on the night, this includes reward for forces cards too
I hope to see some of you there

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These are the bands that are playing, hopefully some of you will like what you see and hear and come along, can anyone share the gig details on there Facebook for max publicity? Thanks

Born to destruct

The media whores


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As stated already, there are some top quality bands playing at this gig. If your at a loose end for something to do next week then pop along to this gig, it will be a good night out and you will also be helping to raise money for the RBL.
Hopefully some of you can come along and and lend your support to this worthy charity

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