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Ratsroden, Jackmehearty, Norman etc


War Hero
Dear Jackmehearty, Ratsroden, Norman etc etc - whatever. You sound like quite a decent cove (as you might say). A proper gent in fact. A gent probably in his mid 80s, maybe a 3 badge PO Stoker, maybe a stood over Two and a Half ringer - who knows, or in fact who really cares? I’m also guessing that you are on your own, or as good as on your own. Which is possibly not good.

You have more socks than, well, a well stocked sock shop! Here’s a cunning plan….

Pick your two favourite socks - make one a ‘real’ one and make the other the ‘knob-jockey’ one.

I’m sure at your age you actually DO have some decent dits and I’m also sure that they would be well received. As an example, for some of the war my father was on the Russian Convoys. Sadly, I only found out shortly before he died, so I was unable to talk to him about his experiences. Itb would have been fantastic to hear of his exploits up north, having been up there myself ;). I do think it important that some of that ‘stuff’ and other wartime tales needs to be shared and this is a good and anonymous way to do just that. The ‘good’ sock could be used for this, while the ‘bad’ sock could be used for your interminable rants.

But beware - you have a very distinct writing style/rant mode, so you might want to sit down and quietly re-read it before hitting ‘send’!

Just a thought!!


War Hero
Super Moderator
Rats/jack/unclejago etc etc is a Korean War vet, having joined up in the 40's.

He's mentioned it once or twice, but not what rate or branch, or even ships although he wasn't a sundodger ;)
IDEA - Thank 'im/'em, and all 'is/their neighbours for their Service but smack them all with the ban-hammer for prejudices, ramblings & gash dits...

[The more youthful of the PSOFs among us can manage most of the latter all by ourselves TVM and harrumph]



War Hero
As the most recent sock has now been deleted, it could be that consideration is being given to a 'real' persona.

Apart from 'Red Sailor' * we never hear about the Korean War on here, so, post some dits.

* Which as we know is utter, utter shite!
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