Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by janner, Aug 21, 2007.

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  1. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    A tourist walked into a Brighton curio/antique shop.
    > After looking around for a while, he noticed a very
    > life-like bronze statue of a rat. It had no price
    > tag,
    > but it was so striking that he decided to buy it
    > anyway. He took it to the owner and said, 'How much is
    > this bronze rat.'
    > The owner replied, 'It's £12 for the rat and £100 for
    > the story.'
    > The tourist gave the owner his £12 and said, 'I'll
    > just take the rat. You can keep the story.'
    > As he walked off down the street he noticed a few
    > real
    > rats had crawled out of the sewers and begun following
    > him. This was a little disconcerting, so he started
    > to
    > walk a little faster, but within a couple of blocks
    > the swarm of rats had grown to hundreds and they were
    > all squealing and screeching in a very menacing way.
    > He increased his speed and ran on towards the beach,
    > and as he ran, he looked behind him and saw the rats
    > now numbered in their millions and they were running
    > faster and faster. Now very concerned, he ran down the
    > pier and threw the bronze rat far out into the water.
    > Amazingly, the millions of real rats jumped into the
    > water after it and were all drowned.
    > The man walked back to relate this all to the shop
    > owner, who said, 'Ah, you've come back for the story
    > then?'
    > 'No,' replied the tourist. 'I came back to see if
    > you've got a bronze Muslim fundamentalist cleric, a
    > paedophile, a Liverpool supporter and anything
    > French.'

    :dwarf: :dwarf: :dwarf: :dwarf: :dwarf:
  2. Now that is funny without being abusive.

    I tell the same story about the pied piper of Hamlyn who after ridding a Northern Queensland town with his pipe was asked by the mayor

    "Can you play a Didgeridoo?"


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