Ratings or Officer Entry?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by PeteyBoy, Nov 27, 2007.

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  1. I hold a 2:1 degree in Maths and would like to join the Navy. I'm interested in the Marine Engineering branch. As my degree isn't accredited as an engineering degree I wouldn't be able to join as an officer in this branch. Hypothetically speaking, if I joined as a rating. Would there be any options for me to progress to a commission?And would my degree stand me in good stead? I have looked at the Warfare branch but it doesn't appear to be a suitable choice for myself personally.


  2. Well, I'm just a Warfare Officer candidate at the moment, but heres my two pence, and I'm without a degree so treat this as Pub ideas!

    You could join as an ME Rating, however, on the later going for a Commission, as you must already be 21, 22 by entry, you would be running the risk of being in the cut off for the age to be considered by the Navy for a Commission from the lower deck. So time is against you that way.

    On a side note, a 2:1 in Maths, thats some feat, I struggled with totting up the SpeedxTimexDistance Equations at AIB! My maths is shameful!
  3. Hmm, I'm 24 at the moment so that wouldn't be an option then. Surely 22 is far too low for the cut-off. Thanks anyway, the local careers office advised that it may be possible - but they are going to tell me that.
  4. Have you thought about E(TM)? Not sure about the UY/SUY route tbh, as it takes a fair while (although it that may be subject to change) and you'll still need to gain the right qualifications.

    As an ex-WE Officer, I'd say become a Warfare Officer; yes time on the bridge in the middle does drag somewhat but you're in the middle of everything that goes on and can be quite good fun!
  5. E(TM)? I know the E is engineering. What's the other part of the acronym?
  6. Training Management....look them up on the RN website
  7. The age threshold is more based on the time it would take to become promotable, as you'd already be a graduate the service wouldn't extract you for early engineer training as that involves degree training. The only viable route is Senior Upper Yardman, essentially getting quite far up the rating food chain before comissioning in your mid to late thirties. That is just achievable from 24 to 26 if you really set your mind to it.

    I'd second the TM route as having interesting opportunities.
  8. I'm in a training facilitator role at the moment and I wish it was more hands-on. I would be aiming to make commissioned officer. But, that wouldn't be the be all and end all. If it is possible to make commission from ratings entry (what I've read here is similar to what I've been told at the office) then that'd be the better route for myself personally. Is it common to see 24 year olds down at Raleigh? I know I'm getting on but I wouldn't want to be that out of place.

    Thanks for your advice, it's really appreciated.


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