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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by tfc1991, Jun 29, 2010.

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  1. hey

    I am currently in the process of joining the royal navy. At the moment i am trying as an officer i have passed all my tests so far and i am waiting for a date for my sift interview. I was just wondering as a rating how hard is it to become a commissoned officer. Obviously it would not be easy but on the royal navy website it flicks over promotion quite quickly.

  2. They all are mate, they all are...
  3. :thumbright:
  4. it take on average about 25 years to work your way up, i wouldn't reccomed
  5. Says who?

    I know people who have done barely 3/4 years as a rating before going Officer
  6. I've just had a look at some of Archey's other posts Graf - I think he's about seven so don't take much notice.
  7. Thank you guys for the links and advice

    the reason i asked is im just thinking if worse comes to worse on my current path and i do not get in. I know that i should not even be thinking this and should be 100% confident that i will suceed but there is still a worry. However on the other hand i do really like the idea of being that person that worked their way up right from the bottom to get where they are. In my current job i know managers that have come off the shop floor are respected alot more (no comparision to life in the forces i know but that is just my perspective)
  8. Which Officer role are you looking at, tfc?
  9. sorry for the long reply and i am applying at the moment for a warfare officer. See thing is at the moment i feel as if i have dived head first into it. like i can see so many pros and cons at the moment its hard to decide to have a stedy life here (but boring) or an adventerous one (but away from home alot). I guess quite alot of people have been in the same position as me I have a new question now what was the tipping point for anyone that made them say yes this is for me. Or if there is a thread someone knows of asking the same question a link would be great

    thank you again
  10. I'm sure you already know the application process is a lengthy one, so you can always mull over the pros and cons as you continue down it. :) There are currently a few SUY/UYs here at the college, most around the same age and temperament as Direct Entry, if you didn't ask then you wouldn't notice they've been ratings.

    Tipping point for me was actually decided well before I started here, I've always moved around the UK and Europe (school, with family, uni etc) and I can't stay still in one place. RN is the perfect job. Plus some family members are ex-Forces, so family history and all that. I like to think of it as this: when I'm 60, do I want to look back on my life and say "I could have...?" and want to answer that with "No, I did the right thing for me, no regrets... and I had a fcuking good time doing it." What do you think?
  11. That sounds great. Yeah thing is though i have been mulling things over since i was in high school and just thinking and thinking. But now i have got to a stage where i just want to do it i do not want to think anymore. I mean yes i might not like it but if i do not try how will i ever know as you said live with no regrets. I just love the idea of being someone that matters and being in a team that actually has a meaning.
  12. 25 years?? I knew an OM2 had his papers raised on his first ship, next time I saw him was a couple of years later I was an OM1 he wad a Lt. Defo didn't take him 25 years.
  13. Take your balls in your hand and jump; what's the worst that can happen!?
  14. I knew a chap who was a Leading Rate in the Electrical Branch in 2001, I was speaking to his Mother in Law last week, I ask how he was, she told me that he was a Lt Cdr now. Can people get promoted that quickly in todays Royal Navy. I told her that he could make Admiral by 2015 she slammed the phone down before doing so she said the Navy is different now to when I was in. I said I bet it is with promotion that quick.
    Is promotion that quick or was she building her Son in Law up I still do not believe it?
  15. If he had the qualifications then he proberbly went over as a Lt. 9 years to get from Lt to Lt Cdr can't be that hard.
  16. Assuming that the mysterious 'Electrical Branch' means tiff, I suppose that it is feasible that he could make Lt Cdr in that time. PO that year, Upper Yardie for a brief spell as a subby, gives him half a dozen years to get his half ring.

    Not sure it's all that much to do with 'todays (sic) Royal Navy' though. I think such promotion is quite possible for those that are good enough, and has been for some time.

    The Admiral thing is daft.
  17. I joined in March 2008, had my CW papers raised a year after that, passed my AIB a year after and am hoping to be selected for the January intake at the beginning of next year, so a little under 3 years from recruit at Raleigh to Dartmouth if I get selected (fingers crossed/knock on wood).

    A sympathetic DO, a good CW structure onboard and a lot of motivation to go a bit further than most will get you up there as fast or as slow as you like.
  18. My oppo was my first killick caterer and now he's the CDR at Raleigh!
  19. Hey Guys

    After a time thinking about what i should do. I decided and I am now waiting for a joining date at Raleigh. Hopefully should be around 12 months ish give or take a few months. Joining as an ET ME subs. So lots of fitness now.

    Thank you for all the advice

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