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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by stumpinuts33, Mar 6, 2010.

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  1. i have heard that subject to gaining the relevant qualifications and expertise in arse licking that later in your career you can switch sides to be an officer
    i was wondering that at the age of 34 i am too old to go straight in as an officer does the age limit still apply if you are already serving as a rating

    if you cant race it or take it to bed then its not worth having
  2. There is plenty of threads concerning your very questions. You should try the search facility
  3. does that mean you dont know then? :lol:
  4. Hi stumpinuts

    You need to look on the RN website mate, iirc depending on which branch you are interested in joining as an officer, you may be too old. I think the upper range limit varies from 25 upwards.

    I stand to be corrected though.
    Worth a look though.


    edited to add link
  5. Nope it means why should we answer something over and over again, when someone can't be arsed to look it up them selves
  6. as it happens i can be arsed and have looked without getting a definetive answer hence i have now been arsed to post a thread asking the question, so thats twice i have had to be arsed now

    seeing as i also asked a question on another post about eyesight last night and you also had the same " look it up " answer it could be perceived that you yourself can not be arsed to give a full or proper answer, however i am sure there are a few more helpful members on here that are more than willing to help me in my search for a definetive answer....

    toodle pip :lol:
  7. Well if you did look it up there is a thread that someone else has talked about going from rates to ranks.

    Soleil mentions UY and SUY. If you want a definitive answer then ring your AFCO as this is an unofficial forum not the careers office.

    Secondly, there are plenty of threads on your questions of eyesights, commisions and age limits.

    It's not I can't be arsed but if you really were arsed you'd either have found the threads or spoken to the AFCO's and got the official answers not come on a forum to get an answer that may not be the official answer and therefore get misinformed.

    So once again try search button instead of getting others to do the work for you
  8. You would have to learn to use punctuation and capital letters first you illiterate fool.
  9. Tommo not sure about his eyesight or age but he certainly has the attitude to make grunter.
  10. Well you seem to have some of the qualities needed for occifer, trying to get others to do your work and more than your share of arrogance.

    However these qualities normally surface after completing training, so in your case piss off and find out for yourself :p

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