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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Crispsandwich, Mar 4, 2010.

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm currently waiting for my security clearance to come through, hoping to be a Logs(SC). My plan is to attain British citizenship while in the RN - which I can apply for after 3 years working in the armed forces - and then to apply from the inside to become an Officer. When I asked my AFCO about this I was informed that my RT tests were good enough and with my qualification it was possibile if I manage to keep my nose clean and perform well.

    I was wondering if any RR posters have come across this type of situation in the past and could offer any advice? Great site with plenty of very useful info btw.
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  2. Concur, IMO, it would actually be worth considering working civvie side for 3 years and then applying direct as an officer when you've got your citizenship.

    The point to remember is that from the inside you don't just "apply" to become an officer. You have to get picked up by very supportive divisional and senior officers who have to put in an awful lot of legwork on your behalf. NOt to put to fine a point on it, some will do that for you, and some won't depending on their own inadequacies and foibles. It all comes down to the luck of the draw.

    It all comes down to whether you want to be in the Navy, or want to be an officer. If you want to be in the Navy, join now but be prepared for the fact that however qualified you are, there are literally no guarantees that you will get a commission and it will be a long uphill fight all the way.
  3. CrispSandwich

    Welcome to Rum Ration!

    The progression from Rating to Officer is covered by the Upper Yardman (UY) and Senior Upper Yardman (SUY) schemes.

    If you search for these terms on Rum Ration, you should find earlier threads on this subject.
  4. Great info again guys. Is there a precedent for people taking British citizenship in order to apply for these UY & SUY schemes, or would my nationality still be a major problem? Also what's the deal with using the scheme to become a commissioned LOGS Officer, would having a degree in this area be helpful or pretty irrelevant?
  5. I believe this would take alot longer if not done through the armed forces.

    Very interesting post though, bit of a wake up call...
  6. If you can get the citizenship then that is that hurdle cleared - and it has been done. Depending on what you end up working in, there might be some issues about whether you have to renounce your current nationality and citizenship but I'm not sure what the rules are for the ROI at present, that is something you really need to clarify with your AFCO.

    In fairness though, that would only be a major problem (presumably) if you were a Safa, etc, where you would be giving up a right of domicile (which you wouldn't for Ireland as it's covered by both EU freedom of movement and UK/ROI treaty in any case). You might not get to keep the passport with the harp though...

    In terms of UY/SUY, your degree wouldn't come into it as the specifics for going CW do not include education to degree level- (except for certain UY engineers where they'd pay for you to go and get an engineering degree in any case). For logistics that doesn't apply. To be honest, the fact that you've got a logistics degree will be of no weight or help when you come up against a killick with a history degree or one with the bare minimum educational qualifications to get picked up and you're all chasing the same spot.

    I'm really not trying to say it's impossible, because it clearly isn't - the schemes are there. What it is, is bloody hard work and not in any way to be depended upon. If you want to be a naval officer first and foremost, then I'd stay outside until you can get to the AIB under your own steam. If you're happy to take your chances as a rating, ad there's nothing wrong with that, join as a rating. You might come to regret it though if you join using it as a means to a commission and that doesn't turn up.

    Have a real think about what it is that you want, and go and talk to your AFCO again. They're paid not to lie to you, as it only causes the fleet problems with unhappy people at the other end, and they can give you a much better steer on the working difference between possible on paper and the real world, which is where you are sitting right now.

    Bottom line: don't join assuming you'll become an officer if the gate you walk through says RALEIGH next to it and not BRNC.
  7. Thank you Kinross, very helpful info. I'm currently waiting for a starting date - been told I passed my security clearance. I'm going to go in as a rating as I'm eager to get started and will try and tough it out the hard way! If it doesn't happen for me ce la vi... but I'll give it a go!
  8. I like your attitude CS. As previously stated, it will probably be a harder way to get there but if you're of the right calibre and prepared to put the work in, there is no reason for you not to be selected come the time. I personally feel that a little stint on the lower deck is a good thing, and will ultimately prove valuable.

    Take a deep breath and get stuck in!!

    Good luck.

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