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how hard would it be for somebody to go in as a rating and then apply to become an officer? i know it will be a few years and im just going by what my afco said and what seems logical, its also in the AET info leaflet that its possible.

assuming i already have 3 (all be it not high graded) alevels.

this is just a future hope if i do get in.


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i try searching using the search up the top right... but its crap, i searched AET it bought 3 things up out of i think at lest 30 threads i know off that contains it. though i did find a officer question, but was for air traffic controllers, not AET's i was asking specifically , , and no im not some nob who dosnt have a clue on computers or for searching.

so yes i have bothered but not found but dont worry dont bother ill look some more.

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