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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Mckenzie147, Jul 9, 2010.

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  1. Hello to all. This is my first time on here and I am due to go to Rayleigh in March as a CISSM or even later down the line as an MA SM. Not sure which role gives me the best long term prospects despite lenghty looks at the Naval website so any advice will be greatly received. My real question is when do you become an Able rate, is it after basic training or is it after the specialist job training.
    Thanks for any advice and good luck to anyone due to join. Let me know how you get on.
  2. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Welcome aboard fella. I know bugger all about the Navy, thought i would just say hello. There are stacks of experienced people on this site who will help you and there are topics in this forum that may well have the answers you seek. Try the search option as well. Good luck.
  3. welcome to rum ration. It used to be when I was an MA , PMA, AMA then MA and at the end of part 4 you got AB rate I can not remember which scale. These days I don't Know for sure but anyway welcome and good luck.

    Edited due to spack moment.
  4. Welcome to the site. I was neither a CISSM or an MA(SM) but it all depends on what YOU really want to do.

    Oh and it's Raleigh, not Rayleigh :wink:
  5. To be honest Mckenzie your question is a little irrelevant (not that you would know - I'm not having a dig).

    As things are now you are an 'Able Rate' from date of entry and you will be paid as an Able Rate on the New Entry Rate of Pay for your first six months of service.

    Not sure exactly why you asked the question (as it makes no real difference to anything) but if you care to expand I'm sure one of us can advise.
  6. Thanks for the correction I'll never spell Raleigh wrong again.
    What I am trying to find out is that as I understand it the MA has a far longer training period which at the end you do not even need to go to see to have your dolphins awarded. This is compared to the CISSM training. In this period am I on the able rate full navy personnel pay or am I on a navy training rate?? Just getting an idea so I can budget rather than being a money grabber. To be honest I am leaning more towards CISSM as this was my first choice but I am thinking long term prospects. HELP!!!!!
  7. the maximum time you'll be on the 13k 'training pay' is 6 months, you'll start earning annual increments after then.
  8. As has been said, your pay will increase incrementally every year after the first 6 months. The bit I've highlighted in bold, don't know where you got that from. Nobody gets their Dolphins without having been to sea on a boat. It's part of the qualification..you have to go to sea to get your Dolphins, end of
  9. I got it from the naval website. It just said that you would achieve your dolphins after training and didn't say anything about going to sea whereas on the CISSM info it stated after a term at sea.

    Thanks for the help guys, great help.
  10. It says that because part of your submarine training is carried out 'at sea' and cannot be done alongside. I believe the minimum amount of sea time required is thirty days.
  11. If you go MA and ask if you can go to a commando unit apparently you dont need to do the course to get your green lid and dagger. Just a dit i heard like.
  12. Wish i had known that in advance. Then i would not have had to work my arse
    off on the commando course :twisted:
  13. Have a look at this page (which is up to date)


    and this one (which needs updating but which I attach for your guidance):


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