Rating or Officer? RN or RFA?

Having become disillusioned and bored with my job as a purchasing and logistics manager in London, a career in the Navy beckoned. I grew up on the sea and spent 5 years in the cadets so a naval career was always on the cards. However, as I am now 29 the only officer position available to me is that of Logistics officer. This seems to defeat the point of switching careers, particularly as I earn double what the Navy could offer me for doing effectively the same job.

If I were to enter the RN as a Seaman Specialist or Warfare Specialist, how long before I could realistically expect to be promoted to Warfare officer? I have the requisite academic qualifications to become an officer (10 GCSE's A*-B, 360 UCAS points, Geography Bsc from a top 10 university) and have experience on the water having gained my RYA Yacht Master qualification after university and recently completing my dive master qualification. Would this mean I could expect some form of fast track to becoming an officer?

I've also been considering a career in the RFA as they don't count your age against you. Although they are not currently recruiting officers, my other option would seem to be sticking with my current job until the RFA begins recruiting for Deck Officers.

Any input would be much appreciated.

If qualified then Officer.

If quality of life important - RFA. Officers have seriously roomy cabins!!!

If wanting to be the prime target in a shooting war - RFA!!!!!

If you want to look good and wear a Gucci uniform - RN

If you want to use the 'FIRE' command - RN

Your career choice as the ex rock star said to the farmer!


Rfa are recruiting officers, look for officer cadets in your job search. The cadetship lasts 3years and there are currently 2 options, deck and engineering. A third ETO is starting soon aswell.

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