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I am wondering when I might hear if I have made the cut for an interview for a Rating position? I passed my initial test back in September and they said they wold be in touch about the interviews. Just wondering if anyone knows when they might be looking to do Rating interviews?


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They don't have set times or days across the board for interviews as they are down to the AFCOs to arrange.

Follow the advice in the above post.


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The AFCOs only conduct the recruiting test for RFA applicants, all other aspects from submitting the initial application, interviews etc., are arranged via the RFA recruiters.

Just give 'em a ring, as you did when you first applied: 08456 04 05 20[h=2][/h]


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It's a locked thread because it's a duplicate (same poster same subject same day) but it links to the other thread.

The RFA do their potential Rating interviews in batches by branch. Once they have enough candidates to, allowing for losses, make up a class, they'll start the interviews if there is a requirement. Requirement is not set by the recruiters.

The RFA are trying a new manning system to make more economical use of who they have. I believe that some branches have more ratings than they need, resulting in some ratings getting more time off than Rip Van Winkle's bunk light. On the other hand, Medical Technicians are a shortage catagory. If you are qualified for that, they'll likely bite your hand off unless you have a back to front swastika on your forehead and can only work pissed.

This may (stress may) be why you haven't heard from them. Call the recruitment office. Their number has been given enough times in these fora. I'm sure you can find it. Edit; is that it that NS has posted?

Good luck and please post what they tell you if it'll inform others in the same position.
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