Rather confusing TMU


Lantern Swinger
Perhaps some of you can help me make sense of this. I did the medical assessment, but was told that my hearing was slightly worse than last time and is now on the acceptable boundary. I'll get an independent test done, and appeal if that goes well, so no issues there. But my TMU letter doesn't really make sense. It says I was declared TMU, then: "Your hearing was slightly reduced in your left ear although this was still within acceptable hearing ranges. I have passed this to the navy to ensure this level of hearing is acceptable for your trade."

Reads to me like it's acceptable - so why the TMU? Possibly Capita being cautious to not pass anyone with any risk of getting worse?

But the plot thickens! According to the application portal I withdrew my application today. I'll resolve this with the AFCO tomorrow, but it really makes no sense to me - I definitely haven't clicked "withdraw", and it was the first time I went on the portal today I was greeted with the "your application has been withdrawn" notice. Given it was withdrawn today, I can't possibly have withdrawn it myself.

Obviously I'll talk to the AFCO about and try to get it all fixed - I'm not asking for help with this. Just want to see if anyone can make sense of the TMU and withdrawn application.