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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Nails, Mar 17, 2009.

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  1. Just been chilling with my boy freestyling in my room a bit and came up with this that i'm gonna put into a proper song:

    I kick down the door way-ving the Mac-10
    squeeze tha fukin trigga now there's a lotta dead men
    Nailor's in the place ... it's getting violent and nasty
    i'll fuk u all up then eat me cornish pasty
    if u text my fukin bitch then this is what u get
    i'll cause fukin chaos while i'm trippin on ket
    brap brap brap ... i run the fukin town
    don't think i'm a fool or a muthafuckin clown
    one o these days i'll be in the corps
    making me even harder ... harder than B4
  2. rated as........shite
  3. rap is CRAP :x
  4. Oh Nails- how you brighten up my day!! :)
  5. Slow day at college then Nails???
  6. That's the shizzle. 4 real homie.
  7. "i'll cause fukin chaos while i'm trippin on ket"

    You wanna lay off the special K mate!!!!! slim shady you aint!!!

    A* for effot :lol:
  8. the pasty bit was awesome...
  9. seems about right.
  10. what a load of old sh*t
  11. I'm now convinced that they should never
    have down graded Cannabis.

  12. Forget the UK forces. Go join the USMC, they like to recite crap whilst they are quick marching.

    I do give you 10/10 for thinking things up though, you must spend all day at it.

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