Rashes from Gauze Bushes at CTCRM... how to get rid?

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by kermit_the_frog, Oct 4, 2010.

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  1. Hi guys, a new poster here but seeing as you've probably all dealt with it I figured this might be a good spot to ask.

    Spent the weekend on the common at CTCRM and spent a fair bit of it walking around in the gauze bushes up to about knee height, by Sunday afternoon my legs look like a bad case of chicken pox. The nods on camp said it was reasonably common but only gave me the advice to get myself to the sick bay, I'm now back at home and that's not really an option.

    It's been OK all day but this evening one of my legs has started itching a lot.

    Before I go and sit for an hour or 2 in the non-emergency waiting room at the local hospital, are there any shop-shelf or home solutions to it? Seeing that it covers most of the common I guessed there would be a good amount of users on here that have dealt with it, any sensible suggestions to help me get rid would be spot on!
  2. mate, Nods die from Woodbury Common rash every year. If you can, take a bath with antiseptic - hurts like a [email protected], but worth it!
  3. What is a gauze bush?
  4. GORSE! Fook me he even spells like a bootneck. :roll:
    The cure for Woodbury rot is antiseptic and time. Run a good hot bath and dump in a bit of TCP jump in and enjoy
    I was lucky me, all I got were infected cuts from barbed wire and webbing burns, some guys looked like they were suffering from a bout of all over body acne. :D
  5. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    We used to get given some shite to daub on, iodine I think. Post your question on Health and fitness and hopefully Angry doc (RN Doc) can give you some advice.

    Woodbury rash is common as fcuk when you're a Nod. Some people really dont like though and end up dead. Do what NZB said and have a TCP dhobi.

    if you cant find iodine or what ever just get a big marker pen and paint your legs orange, pretend you've done something (healthy mind etc)....
  6. Right - this is not an emergency (yet!) so don't even think about heading to your Emergency Department.

    If you need medical attention, your place of duty is your nearest Service medical centre - irrepective of Service.

    Be very careful with gorse scratches - there is a particularly nasty bug which can cause serious medical problems (Google PVL-producing Staphylococcus aureus). Get them seen by someone who knows what they are doing if you are in doubt. If minor, clean them with antiseptic but any sign of increasing redness around them then get to Sickbay asap. I have seen 2 deaths as a result of PVL-Staph.
  7. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    SSssh.... it happened once, a bit like me saying I got a bag off everytime I went ashore...... :p
  8. DPMO at CTCRM. Reckon he might know.
  9. Is this a wind-up?
  10. The rash, virus, bushes are very real but people aint dying left right and center although as angry doc says it is possible to die from it
  11. Ah Woodbury rash.


    I daubed them with antiseptic and took anything that shouldn't be in there out with some tweezers that I sterilised first.

    However I would go with Angrydocs advice as it sounds like it could be potentially pretty serious.

    I'm guessing being out during the weekend means you are an RMR rank??
  12. Just repeating the dit from our first week at CTCRM. Some of the lads who'd previously been on the course said it was gopping, so in true pusser style, we were showering at every opportunity and our grot smelt like a hospital.
  13. Mate, at that point I was worried about the bottom field session we were about to have. I should've probably taken it with a pinch of salt, but the risk is real!
  14. Woman Dog Walker Dies From Gorse Scratch

    A woman died from the 'flesh-eating bug' necrotising fasciitis days after scratching her arm on a gorse bush.
    Mother of two Erica Cranmer, 74, was walking her dogs at a beauty spot in Devon when she picked up the minor wound.
    She thought little of it until later, when she began to experience excruciating pain in her arm and developed flu-like symptoms.
    Her condition deteriorated so quickly she was taken to the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital. Doctors battled to save her but she died eight days later.
    Mrs Cranmer, a Crufts exhibitor, had been walking her pug lapdogs on Woodbury Common, near her home in Exmouth, Devon.
    The common is used as a training ground for Royal Marines from the nearby Lympstone base.
  15. I never realised it was that serious, obviously AD knows best. For what it's worth I dealt with my doses of Woodbury rash in the same way as NZB ( hot bath + TCP), it did help in my case as a number of the 'spots' had popped.

    At least you weren't invited to bunny hop naked through a gap in the gorse for having a bit of stubble stuck on your razor blade...
  16. I'm sure that was because your Cpl though you were pretty....
  17. He must have fancied the entire troop!
  18. I get like that when socialising with my Bootneck drinking oppo.

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