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SLIM, please start posting in the CA forums!

Posting in the Qtr deck to avoid detection will not work!
Jenny I`m glad that you are here, please explain to me a question i have that other Mods will not explain

What exactly is required in the quarterdeck, and what exactly is required in the Current Affairs. Thank you.

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Current Affairs;

Recent news headlines, news in general and any other topic relating to anything being discussed on the news, in the paper and on the Radio etc.

* Court Martials that have been concluded - out of respect, we should try to not build up topics until an outcome has been heard.
* Murders
* Drug abuse related topics being discuss in the news
* GBH/ABH/ court appearances
* Recent or past political matters
* Current headlines
* Navy news type articles, however, a judgement call could be made as to whether this belongs in the CA or Qtr deck forum.
* Updates in operational areas that are open for discussion

And such but this is a general thinking, if a topic has been moved from the Qtr deck to the CA forum from my decision and is not suited, seadog/PTP will inform me of this.

Qtr Deck;

Social area for any other discussion that is not in relation to the above CA comments.


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Some posts deleted, those quoting WB's rant. Explanation above. Higthepig, some of your site issue questions have been deleted. Please post your site issues questions in ........Site Issues.


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Back to the topic,

from Slim's link, reference the victim

She was also teased at school after it became known what had happened to her

It may be the norm for kids now. May always have been thus. Added trauma for the victim in any event.
I'm confused now, easily done I except...but I've never been on a run ashore where rants and bad language are unexceptable.

I'm not trying to pick a fight with anyone, my post was submitted as a test of my true feelings, swear words included.

The quarterdeck seems a very sanitised place to hangout, if this is the case then fair doos, but why not merge the quarterdeck with CA?

like I say I'm not trying to cause shite, just trying to understand the ground rules.

Thanks again seadog for suppling the link for me earlier.

I too have asked a question about the Quarterdeck which is where that question belonged. JD answered the one about CA which seadog failed to do. I only asked exactly what she wanted in her quarterdeck, is that wrong and now i suppose this will be deleted, the question does not belong in site issues it belongs to the mod JD.This thread was started in the qurterdeck, which is why i posted there.