Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by wet_blobby, Jun 13, 2007.

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  1. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I'm some p1ssed off, the reasons are:

    1. I smoke, my choice I know but hear me out. The NHS has taken it upon its self to decline smokers treatment, now I have paid sh1t loads in tax. I also run two companies so on top of the usual PAYE that we all pay I have to pay employers contributions for everyone I employ, corporation tax, and VAT. I have to fork out for the accountant to pay all these taxes so in effect I'm an unpaid tax collector for the Govt. cheers easy. So someone like myself who pays fcukloads in taxes gets denied treatment yet some frigging immigrant who waltzes into the country, has never paid into the pot is entitled to top class treatment before me...whether he smokes or not...is that fair?

    2. Did anyone vote for this govt to give it self so many invasive powers to pry into our private lives and watch us like the peverbial sh1tehawk?

    3. Human rights...what a fcuking joke. Is it right that the victim of crime has less rights than the person committing it?

    4. Schooling. I have two daughters who are both at school. They can spout untold bollox about every religious denomination under the sun, yet, when I ask them what they have learnt about Protestants and RC faiths I am met with blank faces and quizzical looks, also they can tell me about the evils of empire but not one thing about what this great country of ours has done for the world.

    5. Laws. Has any other Govt in the history of the world invented so many new laws as this one has? Control freaks the lot of them, but I suppose thats the first step to take in a dictatorship.

    6. I could go on but I wont, I will leave it to you good people to add your own drips. My final point is, I was banged up at the weekend because some immigrant beat one of my lads up, he's a simple soul without any malice so did not deserve a kicking. I went fortune telling to this immigrant and got banged up because of it...my fault, I accept that. What p1ssed me off though was I couldn't smoke for 14 hours (I survived) yet all the druggies who had been nicked were given drug replacement stuff so they didn't suffer. I thought this was wrong.

    Sorry about the spelling.

  2. Its typical of the Labour party blobs. Their whole ethos revolves around control.
    The descent into a Police State is already well started :(
  3. I think the modern term is Micro Management, you'll need a license to breath before long.
    Come the glorious day of the revolution!
  4. Jesus Christ (do your kids know about him?) What side of the bed did you get out to be this pissed off at 0731, or did the cat piss in your porridge?

    Good points well made though - did you ask the nice custody sergeant for some nicorette gum? We have a no smoking policy in my custody unit and we dish out nicorette to keep them from climbing up the walls...however, you raise a good point because all the druggies get to see Nursie and get their sleepers and the smokers get so angry and aggressive, understandably, because we wont/cant let them smoke

    Nanny state - too bloody right !!

    WB for Prime Minister :thumright:
  5. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    The Avon and Somerset Police dont issue nicotine replacement stuff like gum or patches to smokers....I asked.

    Dont do breakfast, I have to take to many tablets in the morning.. :thumright:
  6. This state of events has not just happenned overnight. It is not just the fault of the labour government. The UK has been in decline for well over 20 years. Successive governments have eroded free speech, made it easier for the idle to live without ever working, given illegal immigrants priority for housing over the indigenous population, allowed human rights lawyers to amass huge sums of money defending failed asylum seekers with funds supplied by the government. Plus many more problems which have been initiated by poor governments.

    When is it going to stop?

    It Isn't.

    The two main parties have virtually the same agenda, whichever one (and it will be either Labour or Conservative) forms the next government they will continue a tax system so giving those on benefits and those on high salaries improved lifestyles, to the detriment of the working man (those earning less than £50000)

    So until one of the main parties sees the light we will be burdoned with the problems for the forseable future.
  7. WB welcome to the FREE world.... your free to abide by the laws of the land that remove your freedoms and give them to everyone else.

    If you wish your children to have an education where they learn about their own religion / Country then the only option these days is private as NuLabour decided that Great Britain is bad and so is Christianity/Catholicism and so they dropped their trousers, bent over and let the islamic world give them a right royal buggering because thats better than upsetting the camel jockeys.....

    Racist ??? Maybe
    Pissed Off - Definately
  8. Don't worry about the spelling mine deteriorate when I am peaved. Yes fortune telling in civvies street is never a good thing, but not allowing you to smoke is cruel and unusual punishment and a breach of your human rights, get a good lawyer and you should be able to sue the pants of them, they deserve it, you should have either been given nicotine replacement stuff, or taken to somewhere you could smoke.

    On the NHS thing they can only legally withold treatment if your continued smoking will stop your treatment being effective, eg you have a smoking related disease, pretty pointless treating it if you don't smoke isn't it.

    I do agree with your comments on the education thing, unfortunately teaching is still suffering from the mass infiltration by some really nasty left wing elements that started 30 od years ago.

    PS, you weren't banged up in Gods country were you as off course it would have been against the law to allow you to smoke inside the building up here.
  9. No - he wasnt "up there" in "gods own country" - he was down here in the south where the sun shines !!!!!
  10. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    yes, I was banged up in "gods own country"...Somerset, or should that be "Tree huggers own country" ?
  11. It was certainly shining up here over the weekend, although we seem to have got some of that southern wet stuff today.
  12. 'The power of the State lies with the people'.
    First words of the Spanish constitution, one of the newest in the world being just 30 years or so old. They have had to reinvent themselves after decades of dictatorship, embracing the future and democracy with gusto.
    In the UK, without a proper written constitution, complacency has set in, allowing the powers and rights of the people, gained through centuries of hard work and bloodshed, to be eroded.
    Complacency kills a lot more than the physical, so does sitting on your laurels and reflecting too long on past glories.
    On a lighter note! The UK is one of the most stunningly beautiful islands in the world.
    A little bit of extracting the digit on behalf of the indigenous population would soon sort things out.
  13. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I do like Scotland, best the weather improves though, I'm up there for 3 weeks in July.....posh camping!
  14. Depends a bit where, there are some places where rain is pretty well guaranteed. Normally sticking to the eastern side gives you a better chance.
  15. Hey Blobby…If you want cheering up have a look in the Daily Wail …they have pictures of G Bush shaking hands with the Albanians.

    Some cnut pinched his watch…..

    click here.
  16. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I'm in Aberdeen and Hamilton, touch wood the weather has always been kind to us when we do the shows in Scotland.......by the way, the scottish kids are the most polite in the whole of the UK, dont know whether thats to do with manners or the threat of a [email protected] round the head if there not. :biggrin:
  17. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Seen that, funny as fcuk.
  18. Ah Hamilton is the wrong side of the hills, if it is going to be wet in the south Hamilton is a good bet to get it along with all the other laces around their, some nice parts in the town though, worked from there when I had just left the mob. Aberdeen is a far better bet unless the winds become easterly which is not common at that time of the year.

    I remeber many years ago doing the last 'Tented' Oil exhibition there on the links at the back of the beach, it was September but we had an early bloody cold snap and I had all the spot lights on the stand focused on one spot where I stood and I was still bloody cold.

    Most of the kids are not too bad if the parents/source of cash/source of food is nearby, they are not that daft you know. Let the little b*ggers of on their own and you can see a different side, especially if they get their hands on the Bucky.
  19. Blobby, I think you ned to get yourself the services of Human Rights lawyer. I think there might be one in Westminster who need the work to support her family!!

    Hmm ... seems to be a bit of a theme today! :dontknow:
  20. or perhaps to pay her old man's legal bills.

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