Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by Bad CO, Feb 7, 2006.

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  1. As you may know, sites like this operate a rank system based on the number of posts you have made.
    Crow - 0
    Swinger - 10
    Clanker - 50
    Old Salt - 100
    War Hero - 500
    LE - 1000

    I have no idea whether these would work ok with this site but would be grateful for any matelot advice .....
  2. LE should be SD as a starter for 10
  3. You might want to be a bit more conventional at the beginning: Ordinary Seaman or OD (10); Able Seaman or AB (50) then move on to Three badge Killick (50); Old Salt (100) Salty Old Sea Dog (250) finishing with Rollicking, frolicking son of Neptune (whatever).

    Well that's one under my belt anyway!
  4. OD of course no longer exists - AB2 then AB1 these days. Oh, hang on, we're not being too accurate here are we! I like 'Sprog' anyway.

    In the same way SD is now Senior UY.
  5. Still prefer SD (oops my age is showing ;) )

    We could have Midshipman for the first 10 then up to AB2 after that
  6. Very happy to start with Sprog and finish up with SD, although it does rather position the site on the lower deck.

    An alternative might be to start off as a OD and gain GCBs for the number of posts made. Although this would only give three possible promotions, it is a system that everyone would understand from someone who served in WW2 through to someone who has just joined the sea cadets, and although it would still be a lower deck system rather than a wardroom one - it does get round the problem of finding a system which accommodates the Royals as well as Jack without giving too much weight to either side.

    Bad CO, you probably know this, but the RN gives out GCB (good conduct badges) for four years of undetected crime up to a maximum of three. Hence a three badge AB is someone who has never been promoted (or did not want to) whilst at the same time has managed to stay out of trouble just enough to keep getting his badges.
  7. We could add 'stars' (in the same manner that ABs get them when qualified for LH etc), or 3 badges then the LS&GC - giving us 4 levels.
  8. I think the AB system will work better seeing as the trades are split to OM2/1, SA* ect
  9. Awww, I was hoping they would appear when I or someone else had reached them and surprise me. There's nothing to look forward to now :roll:
  10. It'll have to be a system that holds appeal to all (IMHO) so it'll have to cater for the RM.. not sure how the title AB will go down, just a thought.
  11. How about depths of water? Toe, foot, knee all the way up to 'all at sea'? Okay, I'll get my coat. :oops:
  12. PMSl,on another site(navyoppos.com)i have been,an OD,AB,Killick,Admiral of The Fleet,Ships Parrot,Dhoby Wallah and Chogey Tailor,in that order!Oh yeah whats with the medals then???
  13. Medals as per ARRSE are awarded for numbers of posts, sponsoring the site financially and can be bid for on occasions such as special charity auctions for the poppy appeal.

    One went for several hundred quid last November so don't expect them to be cheap.

    Oh yes, I earnt my medals while in another service (ARRSE) can I wear them in here?
  14. Yes, but only on the right hand side, and only once we have seen proof-positive that you are entitled to wear them. You don't have a para beret and a hook for a hand by any chance.. :lol:
  15. How about:




    all the way up to "my back teeth are awash"

  16. So what's the current ranking then? I've seen (in descending order) "Jolly Jack", "Nozzer" and "Sprog". Seems to me that the lovely ARRSE people have chosen random naval terms instead of a progression. And as for "SD" for the top one - Noooooooooooooooooo!

    How about:

    1. Midshipman (or "Snotter")
    50. Badgeman
    100. Lantern Swinger
    500. Old Salt
    1000. War Hero

    That would make it understandable for everyone - bootnecks, WW2 vets - even SDs. What do you think?
  17. Sound good to me. Will do it now.
  18. SNOTTY not Snotter, the reason the CPO reefer has # buttons on each sleeve
  19. For # read THREE
  20. I'm blushing with pride! And browny - I was under the impression it can be either, but "snotter" is the traditional term... I think.

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