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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Deckhead_Inspector, Oct 5, 2010.

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  1. Right. I can't believe I am asking this but here goes. When Officers dress like a pongo do they put the right or left shoulder slide on the front. Does it matter? Do I really care? Not really but I don't know and for some inexpicable reason it's bugging me. Do the black/green or brown/sand stripes actually have a"bow wave"? God I'm loosing the will to live.......
  2. I think (bear in mind the last time I had to do this was down the FI in 2005), but I think it's the right one. Yes they do have a bow wave, although you'd literally have to be holding in front of your nose to see it.

    Now get on with something more constructive.
  3. I always wear the right one - not too sure why though!
  4. Why don't AB Divers wear a Royal Navy slide like all other AB's?
  5. angrydoc. That means I must have worn the wrong one! Nobody said anything, though.
  6. What's the difference? The left and right rank slides look the same to me. I've never noticed a bow wave, neither.
  7. Are they even in the Navy? I thought they were on permanent attachment to the RMR*.

    *Royal Mirror Requisitioners. :twisted:
  8. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Bigger the chest the higher they rank with me, does that help?
  9. Is that you Sylvest? :lol:
  10. Indeed there is a difference. When shoulder boards and shoulder straps are worn, the so-called 'bow wave' of the executive curl should face forward (just as on the sleeve). Anyone caught 'going astern' in the mess is fined a round:

    (N.B. these tatty examples aren't mine)[/align]

    I don't know whether there is any convention about which one should be used as a chest slide but my intuition says the one on the left (a bit like the RN convention of odds to starboard and evens to port). That said, I'd use a single pair for two items of clothing for the sake of economy.
  11. Because they clash with the chip they already have on their shoulder. :notworthy:
  12. My 050827A OCT10.
  13. Thanks, doc. To be honest I knew it was the right, by common practice. Just wondered if I could wear the left as a wind up with no fear of justifiable sanction. (A round.) My life realy can be that dull, some times. As for you Taylor. With powers of observation like that. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM MY AEROPLANE!!!
  14. As per BR81;

    As per Naval_Gazer's picture;

    That rather looks like a Port side tab to me.
  15. Thanks for explaining that, Naval_Gazer. It just shows how unobservant I am not to have noticed. Now that you've pointed it out the difference is obvious.
  16. At risk of being horribly wrong, I think you are misinterpreting the figures in BR81. Those images relate to "sleeve lace, shoulder straps and shoulder badges" - not to anything else.

    The fact that it is not specifically mentioned makes me think there is no regulation pertaining to it. However, wearing the left hand one just doesn't look right and the whole point of uniform is to look good.
  17. At ditto risk of being horribly wrong I would concur - left hand one does look wrong when worn. Also, BR81 hasn't necessarily caught up with CS95 (it's only had 15 years in fairness....).

    I think, visually, it has something to do with the saluting arm - as when in ones the right arm set of rings will cross the chest on its way up to your peak so it's more usual to see that. I'm not saying port side isn't laid down somewhere, just trying to work out why right seems more logical, and is the one that you tend to see.

    Although, I am outside now so don't massively care...
  18. Fair points, tactfully put. [​IMG] I did think, though, that some kindly GI might have stepped with words of wisdom in by now.

    Like kinross_special, I don't need to worry about it anymore.

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