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Rank Slides


I've seen pictures of sailors/officers wearing rank slides with a white rectangle on them and I was wondering if any of you could clarify what rank these portrayed?
White Rectangle on its own?
White Rectangle with Sub-Lieutenant Rank slide?
White Rectangle with AB Rank slide?



War Hero
Under Training.

Not seen a rating with a white flash, must be a more recent variation.

As a Specially Selected Marine Engineering Mechanic, we had a red flash over the name badge on out eights (Fours) and there used to be orange shoulder flashes for "phase one trainees", green for phase two. (Ratings).
Pt4 chock heads were the first I've seen with the white rectangle below the AB rank slide. Otherwise it's worn by officers who haven't completed their fleet boards, generally known as bullet proof shit deflectors!

It was like that when I found it chief


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As others have stated "under training" - officer cadets and ratings in phase 2/3 training at various bases will wear these to denote they are still under training.


I've just seen an example of an Officer with a white rectangle and Sub-Lieutenant rank slides, in a 2008 RN documentary.
My question is, what's the point of having "Sub-Lieutenant's Under Training"; why not just keep them at the rank of Midshipman while they're training and promote them to Sub-Lieutenant once their training is complete?

Many thanks.


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IIRC, anyone who joins the Royal Navy as an officer before they have graduated joins as a Mid, graduates (used?) to join as Acting Sub-Lieutenants, and were not confirmed in rank until initial training was complete. There were no white rectangles for officers under training in those days (70’s-80’s). On the other hand, ratings who were officer candidates DID wear white rectangles (I did, as an RNR rating officer candidate).


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All Direct Entry Officers pass out as Midshipmen now, including those who are back-phased for failure, a recent change made because they were keeping their original seniority and passing out as SLts.

SUYs wear Rank Slides (SLt in most cases, WO1s and Nursing Officers commission as Lts) with white tabs underneath. SUY entrants to BRNC are commissioned from the day they join (hence being given Rank Slides); the white tabs are to signify that they're under training rather than that they're 'acting' (which they aren't).
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