RANK on only one sleeve

HI being an ex squaddie living in DEAL ,late home of the RM school of music,i noticed on a recent visit that the rank is only worn on one sleeve,could someone explain why please


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Defence Cutbacks.

When they re-numbered the uniforms, No 8s became No 4s.

Same reason.

NIEU LIEBOR could then claim that RN Uniforms had been cut by 50%.
Googled and found this for what its worth.

A 'square rig' for seamen was introduced in 1857, with badges worn on the left sleeve to denote differences between senior and junior ratings. Petty Officers moved into 'fore' and 'aft' rig of jacket, waistcoat, trousers and peaked caps in 1859.


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However being a squaddie you might be talking about the stripes seen on matelots arms......if so these arent rank and good conduct badges for 4/8 and 12 years good service concurrently!

Me thinks you refer to the Corpral/Sergeant stripes worn by Royal Marines. These indicate the same ranks as the army with a variantion in name and are only worn on the left arm by Marines as opposed to both by the army. Having recently attended a passing out cerermony of 6 Army Staff Sergeant's and 1 Royal Marine Colour Sergeant I also questioned this fact.

Sailors wear one, two or three stripes on their right arm under any badge of rank to denote 4 years of undetected crime up to three stripes or 12 years.

Guzzler said:
Left arm.

Guzzler is very correct there . I am currently in Western Australia and got confused with my left and right as I am standing upside down.

For Marines read rank on RIGHT arm
For Navy read good conduct stripes on LEFT arm.

So sooooooooooooooooooory.

Will be back in UK on 31st Dec. and Home in Spain on 6th Jan so you may get more sense from me but perhaps not.

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